Report: February 606 ER

Gathering begins in Kirran, and then we pushed forward and reclaimed the territory now named Eladhir’s Haven.

Friday night: Du'Kratha, Lucien, and I meet up with Seiji Kurohana, Rhaiyne, and Akikaze. We rejoin rest of town, who had already arrived in Eladir’s Haven and engaged in battle vs. undead. After assessing situation, we quickly moved to secure our cabins. (Riddle and Kier accompanying) In preparation for the battles to come, I had made Lucien into an armor golem (his choice not mine).

On our way back--entire party downed by powerful undead. If not for Lucien and Kellian, who came to our aid, we would have resurrected. The rest of the town was trapped in the Tavern, also fighting. Although we could not rejoin group for some time, luckily we were able to get there just in time to get Kier a life spell. Spent most of night near tavern fighting undead. Towards Dawn I was able to finally meet Lady Tenshi Ryu. Since then her and I have gotten along rather well. She is a valuable allay, and a very dangerous enemy.

Also met up with the Dancers, Vex, Foxx, House Talias, Thorne, some Sea elves, a gypsy named Nicolai Marco (who is now a Dancer), and many others. Did not go to bed until 9 am.

Saturday Morning: Although many of us who stayed up late slept in, I woke up a little before noon, and spent some time with the Dancers, who had gotten to sleep earlier. Killed some spiders. (They attacked first). We also ran into some chaos-tainted swamp animals. The reoccurrence of spiders in these territories is interesting. I wonder what their connection to Dremora is. It was hinted last summer that the more intelligent spiders had dealings/ or enemies with the Dremorans, but have heard nothing. Du’Kratha killed those spiders…so it is possible we will never know. Guildmaster Dominic arrived and cast the earth and celestial circles for the town. There are many invested in the earth circle, but the celestial is more limited

We also had a permanent circle cast inside our Cabin. Although we tried to have everyone in the cabin invested, they were not all available. There was also a group effort organized to investigate some crypt with green fog coming out of it, but I did not go there. Lady Akoya returned from there with the skeleton of an elven child, which she was determined to put to its rightful rest. The skeleton was…disturbing, to say the least.

At the Crypt, Daytime:

àinsert Travador’s info.

Saturday night: Simon, Vex, and Foxx had left after feast to visit their cabin. Shortly afterwards Simon and Vex were resurrecting in the circle. They had been carrying a good portion of our treasury, and Travador and I went out to recover everything that had fallen, and to find Foxx. We found everything with no incident, and found Foxx in their cabin. Apparently he had separated from them, and when he was attacked he ran for it. He assumed they would be fine...Travador is not very happy with them at the moment, and feeling guilty as well. When we returned to the Tavern, I found out that Du’Kratha and Lady Tenshi had rifted out. They returned and were identified without incident. Afterwards, a wave of green fog swept over the entire encampment and caused everyone not resistant to it to be afraid.

The Ambassador Ralair and his Blade Falshaar showed up for feast. We exchanged pleasantries but did not have much of a chance to discuss more important matters. Tovolia, an insane biata, poisoned some of the feast. Nothing too harmful, just intoxicants…but with two Dark Elven Ambassadors around, it could have been much worse. The Dremorans stayed with us through the battle at the Crypt. Blade Falshaar also told us he has a twin who fell in battle and whose body was not found. This was offered as an explanation to the encounter we had with the “Blade” who was transformed last gather.

Later, Dame Miranda tried to organize everyone into returning to the Crypt to get rid of the undead presence there, and purify it to help the land and the spirits of the departed. As she rallied us in the field, a wall of green mist came down the hill and divided our forces in half. When the wall disappeared, there was a horde of undead on the other side. We retreated back to the tavern, and eventually won. As far as I know there were no casualties. From what I can gather, the same happened to the other group, only they were stuck on the other half of the encampment and did not try to cross the wall of mist. After this, we all formed up and went to the crypt.

Crypt, Nighttime:

Luckily we had no battles going up to the mountain, because the footing was very steep and rocky. In a clearing at the top, there was a graveyard full of tombstones. Many children had died…

There was a cave system that was warded, and guarded by very powerful undead. Lucien died in battle against them, and due to his golem transformation he resurrected. Dame Miranda made sure RW got Lucien’s belongings and I left with Du’Kratha and a few others to see to it that he resurrected successfully. I was told later by Riddle that there are many circles inside the cave, one after another…an effective barricade to further exploration. We do not know how far the cave goes.