Report: April 606 ER
Report April 606 ER
Greyhelm – Harlan’s Glen

I am writing this report long after the gather is over, and I find my memory to be incomplete. Some of my friends have helped to refresh my memories, and thus my recounting is very brief.


Travador is ill and cannot make it, neither can Dancer Gren. I have Du’Kratha and Kier for company, as well as Dancer Simon. Soon after we all met up, Bargle’s golems attacked the Tavern. They were varied in construction and ability, but eventually all were destroyed. As far as I can remember, we found no permanently dead bodies inside them.

There were also sightings and rare attacks from “shadow cats”, which being hard to see and harder to catch/ kill, are very dangerous. They have some similarities to Panthergasts, but can be affected by any race. These few cats are very interested in Hoblings.


A band of Gypsy merchants came into town. It is good to know that even in these unsettled lands, we have resources available to us~ for a price, of course. During the day, we were attacked by random giant bugs and walking plants. They were all hostile, and were handled without much difficulty.

After spending some time in preparation, we all went searching for a Barbarian Spirit Guardian. He had become corrupted, and his tribesmen were asking for help in either fixing him, or ending his torment. We did not know it at the time, but the forest we were entering was what is now referred to as “The Chaos Forest” due to the strange things it does. We all felt lost, and were filled with mistrust. There were a few of us who knew the way, but at the time it seemed like they were leading us in circles. While in this forest, we encountered the Attercob cave that Du’Kratha had visited before. The Attercobs were understandably hostile. After withdrawing, we pushed onward. Soon afterwards, we spotted a white unicorn. After some argument, we all decided to follow it. It led us to the Spirit Guardian, who was tainted with corruption, and held by vines to a Tree of Life that was also tainted, and had a pool of black ichor around it. As it turned out, his taint came from his attempts to save the tree. While the earth formalists attempted to purify the tree, the rest of us held off numerous attacks from chaos-tainted beasts. I know the purification was enough to temporarily solve the taint problem, but I do not know if it was successful.

--The alchemy book that is in my collection was also found in the Chaos Forest.

Later that afternoon:

While I was in my cabin, plant creatures attacked the town. One of the thorn creatures was kind enough to tell us our friends were dying... the combat was fierce, and many of the adventurers were scattered. The plants were very skilled at tactics, and were intelligent to speak. The plants were convinced that we were “undead fodder” and would only serve to add to the undead problem of the land. Killing us was their way of protecting their territory. They ordered us to leave many times, and refused to deal peacefully with us. Cassanova died honorably in battle, and resurrected successfully.


Those of us not willing to stay within the light of the Tavern noticed movement and flickering lights off in the distance. Soon, a chaos pool erupted nearby, and spewed forth many chaos creatures. The Spirit Guardian from earlier was here as well, and was tainted again. There was also a chaos-tainted unicorn, and some very powerful undead. We were all forced to the Tavern. I was dragged back to the pool and transformed, as were many others. After several hours, and some help, the chaos tainted forces were turned back, transformed people recovered, and all healed. Being one of the Transformed, I lost track of exactly what was happening. Fortunately, none of my allies had resurrected.