Letter from Hiroshi

This letter was found on a permanently dead body, who bore the mark of the Black Dagger assassins. 

This man confessed to crimes against my followers and I. He confessed to spreading information concerning our activities and movement as well as unintentionally causing the loss of a VERY important document, twas due to be delivered to me this night. Be ye warned, his fate and punishment is now mine and in so let this serve as a warning to you all. You who follow a mockery of a man as a prince. A man who named an Ogre to nobility. A true Prince has arrizen from the ashes of this land. Let it be known you can either serve or fall to the wayside. The mock prince, the Ogre count and all of their petty "nobles" must be brought down for crimes innumerable against the poor dejected people of these lands. There is a greater cause that will claim these lands for the betterment of the future. I therefor place a bounty on all of the aforementioned mock nobles. We will be watching so either bring us their heads or we will take yours.

Hiroshi tain Mou
Overseer of the Four
[4 symbols written]
Follower of the Dark Prince