Enemies of Greyhelm

Here is a list of the known enemies of Greyhelm, and what I know of their offensive abilities.

Traegor-- Drakeolich, now trapped -hopefully- for eternity between the planes.

Tonzen--Servant to Traegor. He is the one who first tried to bring back Traegor years ago, and did not have the strength to do so. The ritual killed him. Traegor brought him back using spirit magic, and has attached one of the green orbs to his spirit. To be killed, the orb must be dealt a killing blow by a specific weapon. He is a Green Dragon Knight trapped in the body of a Death Master, and carries a few powerful magic items: 5xday cloak silence, 5xday cloak binding, and I believe a 5xday cloak curse, all spiritlinked to him.He can throw at least 2 Arcane delivered DFM's a day.

Malshaar--Malshaar is Falshaar's twin brother, and used to serve the ex-liche, Malyon. He is a shadow wraith who is bound to Traegor, and spirit-bottled as all of Traegor's minions are. Although many adventurers to Greyhelm might remember him as a talkative person who could sometimes be reasoned (or played) with, he is no longer himself. Traegor's power has destroyed what personality he had left. Malshaar has been known to summon Alpha panthergasts to attack the town in the wee hours of Saturday mornings. In addition to his transform abilities, he is also a capable celestial scholar, a rogue, and alchemist.  Most recently his transform was infused with the energies of chaos.  It is unknown if this will be a permanent effect.

Ralair --Ralair is the former Ambassador from Dremora. He is a Dark Elf with an eyepatch, and a celestial formalist, also capable of throwing alchemy and using weapons. He is in the service of Traegor and has a Green Dragon Knight transform. He hates Dark Elven women with a passion.  Ralair has also summoned Elf-hunting Panthergasts.

Attercobs--The Attercobs might have been neutral in the beginning, but any neutrality they had quickly disappeared. They declared all Dark Elves as Kill-on-sight, and have since joined the forces of Traegor unwillingly. Traegor can control their Queen(s) and therefore all of them.  It is believed they may have stirred up other spiders into attacking gathers, but this is not known for certain.

Dremoran Renegades (Dark Elves)--After Traegor was raised, many males fled Dremora. Some of them joined Traegor, but some did not. Those who have not are living in the wild, trying to carve a living for themselves in a foreign land. They have no one leader and are not organized. They are not "enemies" but may attack seeking supplies for basic survival. As yet there is no way to truly tell the difference between these renegades and the ones who joined Traegor.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Past Enemies of Greyhelm which were defeated ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Malyon-- For those who cannot seem to find it, linked here is a page of info on Malyon, the past Liche of Greyhelm who raised Traegor.  It should also be noted that Malyon saved Count Wyndham from the recent attack at Keljin.  Malyon is still declared "outlaw" of Greyhelm.

Kauffe-- Kauffe is/was a Chaos Lord who aspired to greater things. He became a Havoc Lord (death, darkness, and chaos combined) but that power was removed from him, and he was killed. The mortal body he had possessed was also killed. It is widely believed that he still exists in some form or another and may return, possessing another body.

The Defiler --The Defiler is a creature of chaos that existed as part of the balance of Tyrra.  I have been told his existence is to counteract the activity of the Earth Haunts.  Left alone, he probably would not be much of a threat.  However, the undead activities in the area strengthened it, and caused it to get out of control.  Through the use of an arcane ritual, an expert on chaos called Oni helped us defeat it. 

Bargle --Bargle is a Gnome who chose to side with Malyon back when there was no Drakeolich.  He is/was slightly insane, but agreed to change his ways if we helped him conduct a spirit farewell for his brother.  Because of all the harm he willingly inflicted while in service to Malyon, he was sentenced to Obliteration(?).   More recently, he aided us in our fight against Traegor by providing masks that transformed people into Golems, in an attempt to prove his intentions of friendship.  Because of this, the decision was made to remove any illegal status he may have had.


The following should be taken with the humor in which they were written: 

Kierath Ranamor  -- Kierath, commonly known as "Kier", is a Quentari Elf who commonly dresses and acts like a Dark Elf.  He is a trap rogue, an alchemist, a celestial caster, a healer, and a fighter.  Although Kier often sacrifices vast amounts of his time and resources in the aid of Greyhelm, he was recently nominated as an "enemy" for the recent newspaper listing.  Suffice to say nobody, including Kier, has taken this seriously. 

Cotton -- This notorious rabbit scavenger is an accomplished celestial caster who is known far and wide for his lack of tact in posts and in person.  He is also a well-renown merchant, capable of procuring almost anything if one is willing to pay the price.  Despite his infamy, he seems to be quite popular, especially with those who value Magical items.  He has only visited Greyhelm once, yet he has also been voted as an "enemy", tying the vote with Kier.