A letter found, from the Order of Light

These were found in October 606 ER, written on aged birchbark. 

Since you have gotten these I trust you to be capable of reviving the Order of Light.  There are ancient and powerful magics here that will help to guide you but the most cruscal element is your own purity of heart and honesty of purpose.  Do not attempt the initiation ceremony if you hold darkness or treachery in your spirit, for it will destroy you.  Once initiated, you are bound to the Order for a period of 2 years.  At the end of that time, you may choose whether you wish to renew your commitment to the Order or not.  As far as I know, this building is the only chapter house that still stands.  Each chapter was once able to initiate one new member per month, so I assure you will be limited in that way.  However, a time of apprenticeship ranging from a month to several years is customary before initiation anyway.

            If you feel you are ready to be initiated, enter the next room.  Others may watch, but must not speak.  I will return to Tyrra when I know my brother’s spirit is in a safe place.  I will not risk putting myself in a worse situation than this by returning.

            I place my trust and hope in you.


(There was a list of names found with this, which I have not published to protect their identities)