Dark Elf Resources

Out-Of-Game racial tips and links to playing a Dark Elf in Nero International LARP

I also have a Costuming Page for all LARP characters. 

National Dark Elf Race Packet

Kirishai Culture packet ~ For Tyrangel / Nero Atlanta area.

Suppliment: Draelonde -This is an older document, some of the info didn't make it into the new national packet.

Cosmology of Tyrra ~ explains how our world works. Please read this before you make something up.

National DE forum ~ Requires membership and referral by another DE to access IG. Is not used often.

Ben Nye Makeup
Eddie's Trick Shop
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Make Up Tips

Hair White ~ the good stuff.Best for short or pulled-back hair. If you can't get this, silver or white halloween hair spray will do, though it will not cover as well and will flake off more.

The Best Japanese Translator -will translate english to japanese, vice versa, as well as show you the kanji for words.

English/Romanji Translator

Study Japanese - online help, and will show you how to enable japanese characters on your computer.

How to wear a Kimono

The EVIL Daystar

I highly recommend reading some of the race packet before playing a Dark Elf.  It may look overwhelming, but it is really just a collection of location-specific culture packets.  Concentrate on the intro stuff.  [pages 17-27, and pages 68-69].   Many of the culture packets relate to specific Nero Chapters, so it is also a good idea to ask your local race marshal where the nearest DE community is.   If you play in the Atlanta area, feel free to ask me.  :)

The Dark Elven race is very roleplay-intensive, and thus challenging to play for those new to the game.   Other Dark Elves will hold you to their high standards, and if your character does not act in a manner expected of him/her, then you may find yourself in quite a bit of trouble!

One question I and other experienced DE players are asked very often, is this: Are Nero Dark Elves like the Dark Elves in R.A. Salvatore books? (or like standard D&D drow?)

Well, yes and no.  But mostly No.  Every player roleplays differently, but there are some traits almost all of us have in common.  Role-play Cliche's.

The "no" part ~ Nero DE's are not necessarily  "evil" as a race.   Although Necromancy is legal in most DE cities, slavery is not very common.  There is no religion in Nero, so there is no "spider queen" or anything like that.  However, many Dark Elves in Nero do think highly of spiders.  Or Dragons.  Or a myriad of other super-powerful extraplanar beings, the reasons for which are explained in the race packet.   But we are NOT "drow".

 The "yes" part of that answer is this:  Most Dark Elven cities within the Nero world [Tyrra] are Matriarchal, and organized by House and sometimes Clan.   The Matron Mother is the head of the House/Clan, and all within it answer to her.   There are some patriarchal DE cities, but these are few and far between.   In this regard, the politics and rank system is indeed very similar to that of the Faerun Drow.  Many of the DE players incorporate some of the ideas and roleplay traits from Faerun drow into their character concepts. [example: submissive/respectful towards women of rank, webs of political intrigue and backstabbing, male upstarts rebelling against the matriarchal society, etc.]  However, this should not be the basis of your entire character concept.  And please, for the love of everything holy, do not become a Drizzt clone!

Most Nero Dark Elven cultures are very similar to feudal japan.   Some of the players will even speak japanese, and costuming is usually Asian influenced.  (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc).   There is an intricate and binding system of Honor that all DEs are sworn to, and includes oaths to your House, as well as other oaths depending on the culture.  At the very least, all DEs who wish to roleplay an Honorable character should always strive to keep their given word.  To not have honor is to be worthless, a renegade who would be hunted and/or despised by others.   To redeem Honor, a Dark Elf would either go on a quest, or commit seppuku, or both.

All Dark Elves are harmed by the natural light of the Daystar, and will lose 2 body points during the day.  In old-school Nero, light spells would also blind a Dark Elf for 10 seconds - a roleplay trait, not a combat weakness.  Ideally, a Dark Elf should roleplay an aversion to the sunlight and magical lights. 

How to Roleplay a Male DE