Correspondence of the Enemy

Pieces of these documents were found at the September 606 gather in Greyhelm, at the “unnamed outpost” that is now called Breyland’s Rest, immediately north of the Keep.  When found, the undead were attempting to destroy these, so I have indicated burns and missing pieces with  (.....). Malshaar is a Dark Elf, and a Shadow Wraith.  “M” is not Mandrake, it is the former Lich Malyon.



I have sent forces… to the… found Plane where this Breyland … resides. …This man intrigues me as well as worries me. Anyone who …gate and sustain their very own plane must weild great power. I already know of ... ability to ...
Do your best to find ...... The evendarrians know about him. If .....Successful in taking his plane it will give ...a new outlet ...which to strike at them.


The latest report was very informative. Do continue to gain information. I hope your new bodyguard is serving you well. I still have not learned of the details of these undead’s creation. But it certainly aids us in our cause. After the stunt the Evendarrians pulled it was good to gain some reinforcements. Be wary of Don Debeo. I worry what information he may be able to give them.
If you see him, do your best to return him to me. Or his lovely fiancé, how I would love to hear her wail ...again.
Continue ...your tasks and keep me informed.


Using the troops our friends have captured has been very helpful in my info gathering. They have giving ...10 to use as infiltrators and prepare for their visit......The troops were split and half were sent to harass the town. I will checking tonight to see what occurred. I will also be looking for Don, as I assume he has informed them of my place here. Of course I have prepared my base for invasion and will erase all info kept here.

Carak: Using him to create confusion. The town thinks he is working with me to bec... the leader here. He has very unwittingly played right into this. ~Fighter.

Sinia: Quiet, celestial, no threat. Cute, excellent spy. But ....all about her.
If you are going to write reports about me, the least you could do is spell my name correctly. So much for knowing everything! ~S

Travador: gullible, coarse you........about him also.

Keere: rogue, turns into a shadow, may be controlled by our new friends.
It's K-i-e-r

Dorsal: fighter/rogue/caster? See ...... to be trusted by all here. Could be a threat.

Douglas: Healer, decent fighter, uncomfortable to be close to.

Sam: Haven’t found yet.

Khorvai: sneaky, not a ...type, seems be broken of spirit, no real threat.

Sereg: Quiet, earth, follow Carak a lot, probably family.

Red head (black & silver): ano...cute one, kind of .......times. Not very .........her [Akoya I believe] sur....... formalist.

Elf (black & silver): seems to .... noble ......caster, met

Elf with Silver fangs (Lucien): turns fae at times, no big threat: alchemy/ swords.
Lucien is not an elf.

Anno: healer, stays.... fights, but keeps many up. Suggest ...g/turning (make a great Death’s Head)

Karahna: nice dancer, would make an excellent slave.

Cassanova: hot headed, but you know about him also.

Merrick: hobbling, celestial ...eems very silly.

Kelian: Dwa.... fighter, axe... ....e to fight against
It's K-e-l-l-i-a-n.

Nigel: Me…/healer, can…hit …spells to save anyone’s life.

Jarvis: not much info, don’t ... ....