Code of Nobility


1. I shall remain true to my king, the crown, and the royal family

2. I shall uphold the laws of this land for the good of all in the name of my king and my country

3. I shall defend and protect my king and my country from all enemies within or without who would do them harm

4. I shall honor the duties given to me by my king and those with station above mine and perform those duties to the best of my abilities and in a manner behooving my station.

5. I shall be true to my duties towards those lands and people given to my charge and discharge my duties toward them to the fullest extent

6. I shall treat equally and without bias in all judgments and dealings with all citizens of this kingdom.

7. I shall honor the trusts given to me and hold and trust my right to withhold information that would be injurious to others if divulged unnecessarily.