This is a small journal found in the Library of the Order of Light 

A Guide to Alchemical Plants


A crawling ground vine with triangular leaves grouped in fours.  The leaves are useless, but the root can be ground into a powder that is used in many alchemical recipies.  It should be harvested in the dark of the moon for maximum potency.


A shrub with pale purple leaves and red berries.  It grows to knee height and thrives in wet, loamy soil.  The berries can be made into an antidote for many poisons. 



A small plant with wide oval leaves.  It produces a small spray of orange flowers on the full moon.  The flowers make a powerful sleeping draught.



A shrub with thick, dark leaves and nearly black branches.  The branches glow on moonless nights.  Sap that is harvested while the branches are glowing is an integral part of Aleha’s new Invisibility Elixer.



A tree that grows very tall, with branches in layers.  The topmost layer each season bears small, round fruits that are dark red in color.  The skin of the fruit makes a valuable dye, and the seeds are used in various paralyzing elixers and gasses.



A climbing vine with strangely shaped leaves.  The crushed leaves can be used to increase the potency of many poisons.



A small tree with pale leaves and thin silver bark.  When the bark is brewed in a tea, it will form the crystals used in most Enchanting elixers.



A parasitic moss that grows on trees and large shrubs.  If it is growing on a plant with magical or alchemical properties, it will sometimes take on opposite or complementary properties.  This process is extremely unpredictable.



A soft moss that grows along the sides of swampy ponds.  At night, it releases puffs of phosphorescent gas at short intervals.  If this gas can be captured in sufficient concentration, it can be used to make liquid lights considerably more powerful and versatile.



A tall, stringy weed with fuzzy gray leaves.  It grows in open fields and has many uses.  The leaves will stop bleeding if placed over a wound.   The plant produces a sticky white sap that is used in many healing elixers.