Reports and documents found pertaining to the lands of Greyhelm.

Everything here is In-Game information for Nero International LARP.  There is an OOG section at the end of the page.  THIS HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED, MANY OFF-SITE LINKS ARE BROKEN.  I WILL BE MOVING THIS WEBPAGE ONCE I FIND A GOOD PLACE FOR IT.

*The In-Game location of this is the Tavern of Kirran, a once-barbarian village within Greyhelm / Nero SC. A very enterprising barmaid has possession of all materials contained on this page. No undead or known enemies of Greyhelm are allowed to read them, and you may find that she gets very feisty if you do not return them. *

A Collection of Reports, Tomes, and various Writings

Feel free to browse my collection at your leisure. All I ask is that you leave everything as you find it, and that you take care with the information you find. Many have suffered for what is contained here. If you copy something from here, please credit the source. If you notice any mistakes or would like to add something, feel free to send me a missive. Also, if you have any questions about information contained here, or a lack of information noticed, please ask. I do not publish everything I know or am told, because I do not wish the enemy to use it against us.

I collect information such as this because I feel it is like finding the pieces to a puzzle... once you have them all, you can see the whole picture. However, enemies in Greyhelm know I do this, and have occasionally fed us misinformation in the hopes that we would be led astray. So I caution you ~ do not take anything at face value, and do not make assumptions.

If you are viewing this, then you should know how to contact me.
~Sinai Na-Kashika Makkura Arashi
First Daughter to Matron Aiyexa of Draelonde

Reports of Greyhelm Gathers, and Information discovered.

Losarial, a diary~Losarial has since returned to us from his imprisonment in the plane of Strife. If you

have questions about this diary or time period, ask him.
Documents from the Order of Light
Diary of Don Debeo
Thoma, if you would like me to remove this, let me know. Right now I find it an excellent source of past information and would like it to be available. To those who do not travel Greyhelm: Don Debeo/Thoma has been restored to his mortal form, as has Marina, who is now happily married.

Enemies of Greyhelm- A quickly prepared document for the fight in December 607.

The First Expedition - Written by Dame Miranda Silverwood.
The Beginning - Nigel's reports.

Report 1 ~ September 605
Report 2 ~ February 606
Report 3 ~ April 606
Report 4 ~ May 606
I was not present for the gather in July, and do not have a report for it.
Report: August 606
Report: September 606
---- Letters found, Sept. 606 ER
Report: October 606
Report: December 606

The Dragon Tragor's Story-As told by Master Minoell
Report: February 607 ER
---- Malyon's Story~ The Lich's perspective.
Report: March 607 ER ~ Yes, I'm cheating...

Report: April 607 ~ Lorinorea
I was not present for the May gathering and do not have an accounting of what transpired.
Report: June 607 ER
Report: October 607 ER

Report: December 607 ER~ This report was written by Duncan, a visiting scholar from Blackstone.

Although I have traveled to Greyhelm in 608, I fell out of the habit of writing my reports. In my laziness, I am resorting to storing information recorded by other travelers here. Sir Duncan's reports are quoted here from the fey trees in Greyhelm with his permission. Since I will not be on the Surface during the summer months, it will fall to someone else to record those gathers.

Saldone Family Story--Nimeria
Duncan's Report ~ March 608ER

Summary~ Calico Hill- October 608

Report: December 608

Journals of my travels in other lands

The Necropolis in Westhaven - old
Letter from Hiroshi, leader of a group of assassins trying to murder the Nobles of Westhaven.
Dragonaire- March 608 ER
Tyrangel April 608 ER
Blackstone May 608 ER
Blackstone August-September 608 ER
~~Journals found in Blackstone: These pages seem to be from the first explorations of Draelonde to the Surface. I feel their contents are of innumerable value for those who value Dark Elven history.

Vornae Poetry and Art

Haiku of Seiji Kurohana
Kurai Tanrei- A poem.

Laws, Codes, & Customs
Code of Nobility
Code of Chivalry
Laws of Evendarr
The Tyrran Cosmology

The Greyhelm Wizard's Guild Charter

Other Libraries, maps, and documents of interest
What and who are the Dancers?~The adventuring group I travel with.

Library of Kierath Ranamor --An excellent resource.

Maps of Westhaven~ Highly colorful and detailed maps of the Principality of Westhaven. A work in progress. [Best viewed using IE, will not work with Firefox]
Tyrrapedia~ An interactive collection of all kinds of information about Tyrra, it's monsters, and it's inhabitants.

From the Raven's Herald- an article on the enemy known as Oraban.

Severa's Library~although older, still contains historically important documents.

Ember's Library ~ A very extensive collection. Go to the door in the far left corner. [OOG- I can't link directly to the site, go to the IG section drop-down menu, it will be the first on the list]

Sessuar - A document containing firsthand information.
Marenthan Library~Maintained by Countess Amaris. Has been recently updated.
Royal Blackstone Archive
The Library at Goldhaven
Cartographers' College~a collection of maps held within Countess Amaris' library, some of which may be out of date.

The Library of Cirin Icerider
Crown Library of Stonegate
The Great Library of Navin Weuntzel
Lilaiethyn's Library

Out-Of-Game LARP links

Dark Elven Resources~ For New Players. Has an intro page, as well as links on where to buy makeup, and other neat stuff.

Other Dark Elven Resources

Nero International
Nero South Carolina
Nero Atlanta
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