Groom Your Self - Personality Development

By being smart and positively projecting yourself, you can create a positive impact on others and the work environment


There are three types of personalities (broad classification) depending on the  senses, one uses to learn:

  • Visuals
  • Auditories
  • Kinesthetics

Knowing your personality type can help you to choose a career that most fits your personality. Artists are visuals, Singers are auditories, dancers are kinesthetics.

You have no choice in choosing your personality type, still you can groom your personality to fit in your career.

Personality Development (PD) is an art by which the instructor helps to find out the personality type and makes suggestions to groom or develop the personality and overcome disorders or negatives that doesnot suit one's personality.

Your innate skills can be sharpened and groomed to reach the next stage in your career. It can be a change in the communication patters,dressing,expressions,mannerisms or any changes in your behaviour and attitude. Change causes positive effect in your lifestyle, behaviour patterns there by grooming your overall personality.

Personality covers your appearance,manners,attitude,behaviour,approach and anything and everything of projecting oneself to others.