Career Guidance

Choose a career that best fits in your personality. To love your work,chose a work that you love to do

Here are some of the guidelines to choose  your career.

1. Don't be a sheep in the herd. Be unique in choosing your career paths.

2. Choose a work you love to do and would match you skills.

3 . Make  evalutions on best of options available before you. The careery you choose should be of interest to you and also help you make you life financially secure.

4 . Think of how much you can achieve in the career you have chosen and the current competition that exist  in the profession. If so, plan how you can achieve a mile stone putting in how much efforts.

5. Start now : its now or never.Once chosen your path work with confidence from day 1. There is no time to waste and every day counts. Measure your progress towards toward career goal.

6 . Take advice from experts in your profession. Others experiences can be a learning for you.

7. Be steadfast to  your goals. Never look back. Face challenges with confidence and hope. A jouney of thousand miles starts with a single step.

We are commited to provide you the right advice. For any queries drop in a mail to us and we are sure to reply you.


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TOP 50 Job boards

 America's Job Bank -- one of the best job sites, with almost a million job leads in their database. Job-seekers can search for jobs or post your resumes. Free.
 Best Jobs in the USA Today -- a comprehensive job resource site that includes jobs databases, corporate profiles, resume posting, and a career resources store. -- where bilingual job-seekers (English and at least one other language) can search job listings (by language, location, industry, keywords), post your resume, and find job interviewing and resume preparation advice. Free to job-seekers.

 CareerBuilder -- claims to have the largest assortment of job listings on the Net -- a combination of help wanted ads of the nation's leading newspapers and job listings from the Web sites of leading employers. The site also includes many other resources. Free to job-seekers. -- lots of job opportunities, searchable by company, location, and discipline. Also lists jobs for new college graduates. A great site. Free to job-seekers.

 Career Exposure -- a collection of more than 80 career categories where job-seekers can view job postings directly from the site's client company's Human Resources Web pages. Also includes information on job search techniques and career advancement. -- a fantastic resource that not only allows job-seekers to search for job opportunities, but also has a wonderful collection of articles and resources that job-seekers will find most useful. From The Wall Street Journal.

 Career Magazine -- great information and career resources for job-seekers... a must-see, where job-seekers can also search for jobs and post your resume! Free to job-seekers. -- one of the best job sites, this free site offers job-seekers several services, including posting resumes into a resume database, searching job listings, retrieving jobs matches, listing career fairs, and providing career advice. -- where job-seekers from a wide variety of industries across the U.S. and Canada can search for jobs and post your resume. You can search for jobs by keywords, job category, and location. Free to job-seekers -- designed for students and alumni of high school, vocational school, and college. Resources include job (internship, full-time, part-time, and temporary positions) search, resume posting, scholarship searches, and job search tips. Free to job-seekers.
 College Recruiter -- Jobs for college students, grads and recent graduates. Entry level work and career opportunities. Part-time and full-time. A great resource for job-seekers.

 Employers Online -- where job-seekers can post your resume or search their jobs database. Jobs are available in sales/marketing; engineering/technical; information technology/computers; executive/professional; and health care/medical. Free to job-seekers. -- a great resource for job-seekers, where you can search for jobs, post your resume, and find career advice. One of the site's greatest resources is the development of localized job sites (a total of 56 metropolitan areas) so that job-seekers looking for employment in a specific geographic area can find the best job listings. Free to job-seekers. -- a "one-stop" job site, where job-seekers can search more than 350 major job sites with more than 3 million job openings and create an online resume that is posted to thousands of employers. Also includes some great career articles, tools, links, free email accounts, and much more. Free to job-seekers. -- where job-seekers who are looking for a recruiting professional (headhunters, executive search, staffing firms) can search a database of more than 10,000 recruiters. Search by company name, specialty, or location. Free to job-seekers. -- where all job postings are no older than one week. Job-seekers can search for jobs by location, skills, benefits, job type, or company as well as post your resume. You can also get a confidential mailbox and sign-up for a job matching service. Free to job-seekers.

 Futurestep -- an executive recruiting service from Korn/Ferry International that focuses on filling mid-level positions in professional services, information technology, human resources, accounting, sales and marketing, public relations, production, engineering, and planning across all industries. No costs to the job-seeker, and complete confidentiality is assured. -- an aggregator of many of the job postings on the Web, currently listing more than 8 million jobs harvested from more than 100,000 different job boards, corporate sites, and community boards. Also includes resume writing, posting, and blasting services, as well as an email job alert program. Free to job-seekers. -- where job-seekers can create a confidential professional profile -- no personal information or email addresses are revealed -- which gets entered into a database that employers search. Hireweb serves as the channel between employer and job-seeker. Free to job-seekers. -- where job-seekers and potential employers meet-up in virtual space -- through online chats or interactive job fairs. Job-seekers can submit your resumes and apply for jobs or internships through the chats and job fairs. Also includes company presentations, where job-seekers can learn more about prospective employers. Free to job-seekers. -- a meta-search job site that pulls job postings from more than 500 places, including the major job boards, the top 200 newspapers, hundreds of professional associations, and company career centers. Job-seekers can search for job listings by (what: title, keywords, company; and where: location). No cost to job-seekers.

 The Interview Exchange -- a new concept in job boards, where job-seekers who are interested in job listings are rated based on how closely you match the qualifications in the job posting. Job-seekers can also post your resume and receive e-mail job matching notification. Free to job-seekers. -- where job-seekers can post your resume and search thousands of jobs by industry, city, state, job title, and keywords. Job listings show posted date. Free to job-seekers.

 JobBank USA -- specializes in providing employment and resume information services to job candidates, employers, and recruitment firms. Free resume posting. Cited as one of the largest employment Web sites on the Net, according to USA Today.

 The Job Box -- where high school and college (and any other) job-seekers seeking seasonal, part-time, hourly, or entry-level job opportunities can search for jobs (or internships) by keyword, job category, and location. Also includes career news and other resources. Free to job-seekers. -- a good general job-search site where job-seekers can search for job listings (by skills, location, industry, experience, posting date, and keywords) and/or post your resumes. Free to job-seekers.

 Jobcentral -- a national employment network formed by an alliance between two nonprofit associations to provide job seekers in all industries and occupations, entry-level to chief executive officer, employment and career opportunities nationwide. Search postings or browse by company. No cost to job-seekers.

 TheJobFactory -- hopes to build one of the largest databases of job openings in the U.S. and to provide services to job-seekers that will make the application process cheaper, quicker, and easier -- and they are heading in the right direction! They link to more than 20,000 job sites and more than 1,000 recruiter sites. Includes a job spider that allows you to search by job, city, and state. All free to job-seekers. -- a growing general job site where job-seekers can search for jobs (by location, industry, or keyword), post multiple versions of your resume, and use a job-search agent. Also includes links to many career resources. Free to job-seekers. -- where job-seekers in the computer/high-tech field can post your resume (with anonymous option), browse or search job openings, use a search agent to find job matches, and apply to those jobs online. Jobs include permanent, contract work, and consulting gigs. Free to job-seekers.
 Juju -- an interesting resource -- one of the best, where job-seekers can search 15 different job sites (including CareerCity, CareerMosaic,, JobOptions, NationJob, and others) using keywords that describe your preferred job, as well as a preferred location. Free. -- one of the oldest job sites on the Web, with several hundred thousand jobs worldwide. Also includes career advice and relocation services for job-seekers, as well as an auction-style marketplace for independent professionals.

 myCareerSpace -- where job-seekers can search for jobs (by category, region, or keywords) and post up to five different resumes that you can then use to apply to job openings online. Also includes other job-seeker resources, such as career expos, relocation, insurance, and more. Free to job-seekers.

 NationJob Network -- an online job search service with thousands of current job listings and company profiles. Includes an email service that send you jobs that match your qualifications and interests.

 Net-Temps -- a site where job-seekers can search thousands of job listings or post your resume. Includes contract, temporary and permanent employment postings. Also includes career development articles, tools and resources. A top site. Free to job-seekers. -- a general job site for all job-seekers, where you can search for job listings (by keywords, job category, location, and more), post your resume, provide detailed information through an online interview, and register for a job alert program. Also includes limited company profiles. No cost to job-seekers.

 Oya's Directory of Recruiters -- a free resource created to help job-seekers find recruiters who can assist you in reaching your career goals. Search for recruiters or browse by recruiter specialty or location. A great resource for job-seekers. -- one of the largest free job sites on the Web, listing more than 150,000 job openings worldwide (including the U.S.). Job-seekers can post your resumes, search the jobs database, or simply check out the market in your area. Free to job-seekers.

 Recruiters Online Network -- where job-seekers can search for recruiters by specialty, geographic area, or keywords. Job-seekers can also search job postings from recruiters by industry, job function, and location. A great resource for job-seekers. Free to job-seekers. -- where job-seekers can search job listings from around the world (by country, keywords, salary, job type, and job source), post your resume, register for a job-search agent, receive job listing text messages, and more. Free to job-seekers. -- a free career site for all job seekers from the Allegis Group. Job searches, online resume posting, job alerts, and career tools, are a few of the many features available to job-seekers. You can search for jobs by job categories, keywords, location, and date the job was posted. Free to job-seekers. -- a job site that lists the top jobs from numerous "niche" industry and geographic-specific job boards. Job-seekers can search for job listings (by category, location, job title, and job detail keywords), or go directly to the individual job boards. Free to job-seekers.

 TrueCareers -- a great site for job-seekers, where you will find job listings, company research, and other valuable career information (articles, advice, etc.). You can search for jobs (by keywords, location, salary, employers), post your resume, and use a job search agent. From SallieMae. Free to job-seekers.

 USAJOBS -- a one-stop source for job-seekers seeking information about jobs and employment with the United States Federal Government. Job-seekers can search for jobs (by keyword, location, and occupation), post your resume, and register for a job-matching email service. Also includes lots of other resources and tips for finding employment with the government. Free to job-seekers. -- well-known for its insider reports on thousands of companies, this site has branched out into recruitment and has more than 150,000 job postings from about 27,000 employers, which job-seekers can search through multiple criteria (such as job categories, keywords, location, experience level, posting date). Job-seekers can also sign-up for an email job criteria matching service. Free to job-seekers. -- a general job site for all job-seekers -- with a unique concept -- where job-seekers can search job postings, post your resume, and receive compensation for any referrals that result in a hiring. No cost to job-seekers.

 Yahoo! HotJobs  -- one of the best job sites on the Net, offering job-seeking professionals a one-stop job search resource -- at no cost. Candidates create a personalized career management page called MyHotJobs, which provides all of the tools needed for an easy, simple and confidential job search. Features include access to's central resume database where companies search for candidates, as well as other job-seeker tools.


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