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TitleRatingGenreLengthKinkEraThemeMy ratingSummaryHoliday
TitleRatingGenreLengthKinkEraThemeMy ratingSummaryHoliday
Abandoned Destinies Flangst Fic N/A Eighth year MPreg Like Harry finds a stone that can show him how his life would have played out if only he'd done things a little differently, and it reveals something he'd never considered before. Is it too late to fulfill an abandoned destiny?  N/A 
A Halloween Tradition Romance Ficlet Blowjob Hogwarts N/A Like  In one world, a Halloween tradition is well-established. In another, it is just being formed. Halloween 
A Lot of Gryffindor NC-17 PWP Drabble First time Hogwarts N/A Like Draco's first time isn't what he expected. N/A 
An Old Witches' Tale PG Angst Drabble N/A Eighth year N/A Like There's a part of Draco that never grew up. N/A 
Auror Potter and the Book of Bedtime Tales NC-17 Romance Fic Clothed sex Post-Hogwarts Auror Love A rare item was stolen from Malfoy Manor. Harry wants to find it because he believes it might be dangerous. Draco doesn't want him anywhere near it, but not for the reason Harry suspects.  N/A 
Between Us NC-17 Angst Ficlet N/A Post-Hogwarts N/A Like Draco knows there's something he can't give Harry. N/A 
Breaking Tradition NC-17 PWP Fic First time Post-Hogwarts N/A Meh The wedding is about to begin, but where are the grooms? N/A 
Coffee, Tea, or... NC-17 PWP Fic N/A Post-Hogwarts Potion Love Harry's intentions were innocent -- they really were. Christmas 
Compromise PG-13 Humor Drabble N/A Post-Hogwarts N/A Like One can always try to compromise with a Slytherin. Christmas 
Counting PWP Fic Spanking N/A N/A Meh Draco's been naughty. Christmas 
Courtship of the Damned PG Angst Drabble N/A Eighth year N/A Love ritten for the prompt 'doubts of grey, and crimson regrets' at hd_seasons. N/A 
Draco Malfoy Unwrapped NC-17 Flangst Long fic First time Post-Hogwarts Auror Meh He’s like an exquisite sweet, protected by so many layers of wrapping that no one’s ever had the patience to get him naked. But I’m Harry Potter, dammit, and I want him for dessert. N/A 
Draco's Bad Day (and why it wasn't so bad at all) NC-17 PWP Drabble Light bondage Post-Hogwarts N/A Like In which Draco had a bad day, and Harry is too distracted to listen to him complain.  N/A 
Famished NC-17 Flangst Long fic Spanking Eighth year Magical Mishap Like Draco thought his life couldn’t get any worse. He was wrong. Now Harry Potter’s stuck to his arm. N/A 
Five Things Draco Hates About Potter Fluff Ficlet N/A Post-Hogwarts N/A Love See title N/A 
Five Things Harry Hates About Malfoy Fluff Drabble N/A Hogwarts N/A Like Companion piece to Five Things Draco Hates About Potter. N/A 
Glorious Purpose NC-17 PWP Ficlet Role-play Post-Hogwarts Auror Love Harry doesn’t understand Malfoy’s obsession with Loki, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use it to his advantage. Halloween 
Harry and Draco: The Owner's Guide and Operating Manual PG-13 Humor Ficlet N/A N/A N/A Love See title N/A 
Harry Potter and the Chastity Belt of Doom NC-17 Humor Ficlet Wanking Hogwarts N/A Like Some pure-blood customs are a pain in the… N/A 
Harry's Last Wish PG-13 Humor Drabble N/A Post-Hogwarts Auror Meh Draco fears for Harry’s life. Harry has one last wish.  N/A 
I Hate You Romance Drabble N/A Post-Hogwarts N/A Meh Draco hates Potter. N/A 
Ill Tidings Angst Fic Frotting Post-Hogwarts Auror Like Death had a way of casting a new light on everyone Harry thought he knew, including himself. N/A 
I've Never NC-17 Romance Fic N/A Eighth year Party game Like  After the war, Muggle Studies is a required subject at Hogwarts. For seventh and eighth years, this includes a mandatory Muggle-style ski holiday. N/A 
Liquid Lust Mystery/Weird Fic N/A Post-Hogwarts Potion Love Aurors are being targeted with a potion previously unknown to the wizarding world. It is up to the Ministry's Potions Master, Draco Malfoy, to find an antidote N/A 
Memories of Christmas Past PG-13 Angst Drabble N/A Post-Hogwarts N/A Meh http://nicevenn.livejournal.com/257885.html Christmas 
Nine and Three Quarters NC-17 PWP Ficlet N/A Eighth year N/A Like "Platform Nine and Three Quarters?" Ginny Weasley sniggered. "I can think of something else with exactly the same measurements."  N/A 
Of Potions and Broomstick Handles PG-13 Fluff Drabble N/A Hogwarts Quidditch Like The boys are partnered up in Potions class to brew a batch of Amortentia.  Valentine's Day 
Paying Santa NC-17 PWP Fic Rimming Post-Hogwarts N/A Love Draco promised his parents they wouldn’t be late for dinner, but Harry was held up playing Santa... Christmas 
Perverting the Candy Cane NC-17 PWP Fic Object penetration Post-Hogwarts N/A Love Harry and Draco have some fun with a candy cane.  Christmas 
Polyjuice Passion NC-17 Romance Fic Parseltongue Hogwarts Potion Like  The things Draco wouldn't do to get in Harry’s bed. N/A 
Practice Makes Perfect NC-17 PWP Fic Wanking Post-Hogwarts Auror Like Harry is looking forward to a hot date, but his attention is needed in the Ministry Potions Lab.  N/A 
Prolonging the Pleasure PG-13 PWP Drabble Biting Post-Hogwarts Creature Like *Points at title* Vampire!Harry. Halloween 
Ranus Princeps NC-17 Fluff Fic Rimming Eighth year Creature Like Harry is the victim of a curse that only Draco Malfoy can break. Christmas 
Santa's Mistletoe PWP Drabble Handjob Post-Hogwarts N/A Like All Harry wants for Christmas is… Christmas 
Sappy Lovesick Fools Fluff Ficlet First time N/A N/A Like Draco wants to submit, but he's a little scared.  N/A 
Sheets on Fire NC-17 Angst Fic D/S Eighth year N/A Like It’s never been just the two of them before, but Harry does fine on his own. Sequel to Sweets on Fire  N/A 
Skip the Ball PG-13 Romance Fic N/A Eighth year N/A Meh The one where Harry is clueless, Ron is more perceptive than Hermione, and Romilda Vane is too vain for her own good. Halloween 
Tainted Sweets PG Flangst Fic N/A Post-Hogwarts N/A Meh Harry is in love; Draco is amused.  N/A 
Tasteful Toppers Fluff Drabble N/A Post-Hogwarts N/A Meh Harry and Draco shop for a Christmas tree topper.  Christmas 
The Angel, the Demon, and the Grey Cashmere Socks PWP Drabble Foot fetish Post-Hogwarts N/A Like Harry has a dirty little secret. So does Draco. PWP. N/A 
The Art of Roasting Marshmallows PG-13 Fluff Ficlet N/A Eighth year N/A Like A Hogwarts’ camping trip. One campfire. Two boys. Five Marshmallows. You figure out the rest. ;) N/A 
The Creature Within NC-17 Humor Fic Cactus!porn Eighth year Creature Love Draco knew from the moment they boarded the Hogwarts Express that this year was going to be a disaster. Veela fic.  N/A 
The Curious Case of the Missing Ornament NC-17 Humor Ficlet N/A Post-Hogwarts N/A Like When Harry's new ornament goes missing, he's determined to find it. Draco swears he's innocent. Christmas 
The Familiar Familiar PG-13 Romance Fic N/A Post-Hogwarts Creature Love In which Draco learns that not all seers are frauds, and not all former enemies are as insufferable as they once seemed. N/A 
The First and the Last PG-13 Fluff Drabble First time Hogwarts N/A Like It's Harry and Draco's wedding night, and Draco is furious. N/A 
The Flavours of Draco Malfoy Fluff Ficlet N/A Post-Hogwarts N/A Meh Harry discovers his favourite medley of flavours. N/A 
The Lovers' Circle NC-17 Romance Long fic Blindfolding Hogwarts Party game Love Tired of feeling alone, Harry agrees to play a matchmaking game with the other eighth-years. It's just a game, after all. What harm could it do? Christmas 
The Most Embarrassing Moments (Are Sometimes the Sweetest) Fluff Ficlet N/A Post-Hogwarts Children Love Harry suggested using privacy charms, but Draco insisted that Scorpius is a heavy sleeper. N/A 
The Obtuse Admirer PG-13 Flangst Fic N/A Hogwarts Auror Like Draco's been receiving ambiguous notes, and he isn't pleased. Valentine's Day 
The One Unconquered NC-17 Angst Fic Blowjob Post-Hogwarts Auror Like They say that pride is the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins. N/A 
To the Victor NC-17 PWP Fic Clothed sex Eighth year Quidditch Like So this was the advantage of being too busy fighting a Dark Lord to lose one's virginity at a normal age: A springtime shag in the Quidditch Pitch with Draco Malfoy N/A 
Worth Crashing For NC-17 PWP Fic N/A Hogwarts Quidditch Meh  A fight in the locker room leads to sex in the showers N/A 
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