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If you do not know who they are by name, you certainly know them when you see them. They are the beautiful kid characters with eyes like teardrops, who exude the innocence of infancy. Precious Moments artwork, which portrays those characters in various scenes and scenarios, has grown to become one of the most famous and most loved franchises on the planet. Its charming characters, the family-friendly ethical and religious message, and loving imagery made Precious Moments a success across the planet.

Precious Moments started thirty years ago, when it was created by artist Sam Butcher. At first, Butcher drew the characters for his pals and family members, with no expectations that the adorable pictures would one day be so hugely well-known. He went to school at the College of humanities & Crafts in Berkeley and improved his artistic abilities.

Precious Moments' initial success happened at the conference of the Christian Booksellers organisation in California. Butcher's work got a brilliantly warm reception, and his networking with outlets commenced wide marketing of his design.

Butcher's gigantic break happened when Enesco concern offered to develop a collection of three dimensional figurines based primarily on his painted characters. Initially only 21 mannequins were produced, but they received an amazing response and sold exceedingly well all over the country first, and then the globe.

Today there are more than 1,500 porcelain marionettes in the Precious Moments series, in addition to Precious Moments design, Precious Moments clipart, books, and more . It truly is a worldwide phenomonenon, getting especially ardent attention in the Catholic world, for example much of South America, because of Butcher's Christian faith and its obvious influence in his work. But not only those of the Christian faith love Precious Moments. Families of any religions can appreciate the moral values and innocence voiced in stunning Precious Moments figurines.

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