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We offer a wide range of services and spa treatments and adapt to the personal situation of each client (anti-stress, relaxation, weight loss, recovery ...) under the supervision of our medical team.

Types of massages

Massages are an ancient technique that are not only used with an aesthetic but if not therapeutic goal. They are a gift for our body. Know the types of massages.

In today's world where everything is fast and impersonal, taking the time to enjoy a full body massage in delhi can change our day in a positive way.

The benefits of massage are numerous, stimulates relaxation, releases tension, prevents muscle injuries, releases endorphins, relaxes muscles, improves circulation, relieves pain and reduces stress.

Massages are oriental techniques that were modified and were called Swedish massage. The main features is that it is done without clothing and with oils to aid the maneuvers.

Massage is recommended for men and women, of all ages. It should only be avoided when there is fever, thrombus or infectious processes.

Types of Massages

Relaxation Massage: These are gentle techniques that stimulate relaxation. The pressure used is smooth and the most commonly used techniques are slips. They can be performed throughout the body up to the face and scalp.

Relaxing Massage: More violent technique that aims to the musculature. It is ideal to perform in areas where there are contractures. They are accompanied by elongations and stretching. It can be more painful and not so relaxing.

Sports Massage: It is a massage that is used after sports competitions to generate a relaxation of the musculature especially of legs, are fast movements. It can be accompanied by elongation and decontracting techniques.

Hot Stone Massage: Massage technique that is accompanied by special stones that are heated beforehand and help to relax the musculature by the heat that radiate. They can be used in maneuvers or put the stones on specific points of the body.

Lymphatic Drainage: Aesthetic and therapeutic massage, of slow and rhythmic movements, that stimulates the lymphatic circulation and the elimination of toxins.

Reductive or Aesthetic Massage: Fast and intense techniques that generate a body modeling effect.

Reflexology: Treatment technique that stimulates specific points that represent organs of our body. It is performed on the floor of them feet and hands.

Massage in Silla: Fast massage that lasts a couple of minutes, is done with clothes and on a special chair. It is performed mainly on the back.

Thai Massage: Oriental massage consisting of a stretching massage and depth. This form of body work is usually done on the floor, with the person dressed in comfortable clothes that allows movement. No oils are used in the Thai massage.

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