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25th June - Wot Chick

Loving the Sailing with the Wot Chicks.

I am heading to Sweden tomorrow as part of Katie Spithill's match racing team. Last week Graeme Wood - founder of became our new team sponsor, and SLAM and Rudy Project are on board with providing gear for us.

Very exciting as Match Racing is now on the schedule for 2012 - so this is a great opportunity to learn as much as I can and really challenge myself on how far I can go in this sport.

I will post media releases, news and results when I have a tick! If you google the Wot Chicks quite a bit will pop up :)

Hope all is well!


17th February 2008 - Sailing Variety


This is my last post as a 22 year old!

Back in NSW for a short time, up at the Laser Masters Worlds having a look before heading to Adelaide to do an offshore race to Lincoln. Dad went really well today, even lead at one point, the race was called off.

Been racing on some Sports Boats - down at Geelong Week on an Elliot 780 and after meeting a Sydney based crew partially on the plane down and then on the water - a Thompson 8 called Zippier back in Sydney.

Delivered Dekadence, a DK46 back to Sandringham which was awesome... want to do more of that!

On my return from Adelaide jumped straight back onto the Yngling with the girls (Krystal, Karyn and Ange) to train for their Worlds.

They have just gotten a silver medal - so happy for them!

Also did a little bit of training with Nicky Souter to help her out, which was great. Also might be getting involved with Spithill's program, so we will just see how we go :)

Moving on up!!!

Will be back in NSW on March 1st to do the Bethwaite Series at Woollahra on the Tasar... our States are over Easter...

Stay tuned!

See you on the water!

23rd December - Back in the thick of it


I have been so busy in the past few weeks, it is nice to sit back and have a little relax. I am in Hay on my way to Adelaide for my Nationals in the Tasar.

Last weekend (15th/16th Dec) I did SIRS with Nicky Souter, we managed to come 3rd - well 2nd really, but 3rd on a countback.

Results:  SIRS 2007

Angela Farrell and Karyn Gojnich are training for the 08 Games in the Yngling - Nicky Bethwaite their skipper had an accident and is recovering - so a group of girls have been put together to train. Krystal Weir has been skippering more permenantly with the team. Katie Spithill and others have been coming along, with me in bow/middle depending on what suits the teams to get 2 boats out on the water.

Has been great being in the thick of it!

On Tuesday 11th December I was on Ichi Ban for the SOLAS Big Boat race. It was an awesome ride I have to say! A few guys on board that I had raced with already this year, Twirler was on the Mumm I did the Nats on. Some great people to meet on the day too.  Was great when I arrived to see that Zhik - my own sponsor was sponsoring the Ichi Ban team.  Meant that I got fitted out in all the gear! I will post pics when I can!

We had the best start, on port at the pin to cross the fleet and lead at the top mark! Was fantastic! The pics show a lot of the action! You can see a small pic of the boat I was on and get more information about SOLAS here.

Results: SOLAS 2007

Apart from that, been working a lot on the Harbour!

Basically sailing is now my life - as can only be true for the Sailor Girl!

For the next few weeks watch the Team Chukkel site for updates!!!  HERE

Merry Christmas!!!

Nic ox


30th October

Wow! I havent written on here for ages!

Most of my news (of the sailing kind) from the past few months can be found here:

Apart from that, last night I got the call from Angela Farrell, and I will be training with her crew while Nicky Bethwaite is recovering from her fall.

So that will be interesting!

Will post updates when I have them :)

Nic ox

14th October - Back in the boat

Well after an extended break (down at the snow; 66 days skiing in a row straight after Thailand) I have finally gotten back on the water and I am ready and waiting for summer!

On the October Long Weekend Dad and I got back out on the water, we managed to take the regatta from the 30 other Tasars that turned up for the weekend. Was great to know that it was all still working! That is what we train for!

I started my new job with East Coast Sailing as soon as I was back in Sydney, so have now been with them for a fortnight -

I am out on the water quite a bit which is great. Last Friday/Sat I helped Rossco fix the steering on his yacht over at the CYC.

On Sunday!!! I went out on an 18 footer in the morning, leaving from the Flying Squadron over at Kirribilli (right in front of my office). I jumped off the wing at about 1.45pm in time to jump onto a Tasar at Woollahra to do the afternoon racing over there! Was a great entrance I have to say.  One comment was "I thought that skiff had lost it's kite bag - and then I realised it was you!" Was a fantastic day on the water.

I think this summer is going to be awesome! I can't wait to find out!

Dad and I will be out on the weekend... and most weekends until the Nationals at Christmas - so keep an eye out for the Club Marine logo as it makes it's return the Harbour and South Coast waters!

Please also check out it is an event I am organising! Let me know if you can come!

See you on the water!


The Sailor Girl  

24th September

4th April

Well time has flown over the past few months.

Training is underway for the Worlds and I am heading North tomorrow for the Tasar States up at Wangi.

Skippering has been put on hold for the minute - loved the challenge of crewing on the bigger boats over Christmas, and am now bringing everything I have learned back to the Tasar.

Organisation is a hectic business, so there is some pressure on us in that department, as well as the performance element.  Will be a good test in keeping our heads on, having not been under too much pressure for the past 12 months.

Let's see how we go against the likes of Brett Young, Phil Thompson, Craig McPhee and Nev Wittey (yes back in a Dinghy!!!) over Easter...

See what happens!

Report back soon with the verdict!

13th February

Thinking that I was finished with big boats after Skandia may have been a mistake.

On returning to Sydney on the 1st Feb, I got the call from Nev that he needed a bow man (or Bow Girl as the case may be) to do the Mumm 30 Nationals.  Soo... what do I do, make him bargain with Rob as we were meant to start training on the Saturday and Sunday.

Nic did bow on a Mumm 30, getting called up the night before to replace a sick crew member (becoming a habit?).

Sailed from the 2nd to the 4th Feb.

Boat Optimumm AUS6151 with Guy Stening skipper.

Dad ended up staying home, and I trekked up to Pittwater for the three days.

Was a great series, and really tested me.  I started, with nothing, and finished with an acceptable performance.

The pressure on the boat was insane with the like of Nev Wittey, Darren (Twirler) and Steve Quiggly on the crew.  Great way to learn, but man did I get some bruises!

I don't think I can put the pics up here, I could scare you - will see!!!

So we finished 4th - in my 3rd Nationals for the year!

Look out!  Let's see just how many I can do in a year!

31st January

Well it's the last day of January already!

I could have been racing the Elliot 7 again tonight in Canberra, however I am still so exhasusted and run down from my series of regattas that I opted out... last minute.

Big training for the Worlds kicks off again on Saturday, so a rest could be just what I need.

The last day of Skandia was tricky and fantastic at the same time.

40 knots was the top puff, sitting around 29 or so mostly with some lulls of 25.

Jib and kite changes all around! But great practice...

Learned a lot, and I am pretty sure the crew were happy to have me on board so that was good.

Saturday is logistic planning to get everything sorted for Phuket...

Let the games begin!

26th January

Day 2 of the Elliot 7 Nationals today that are running as part of Skandia Geelong Week.

Two races yesterday, both in a tricky south sou'westerly (on average - there were some 60 degree shifts at times), varying from 8 to 20 knots on occassion.

There were a few mishaps, a 720 coming into the finish yesterday after feakily catching the kite on the motor cap of a boat directly infront, and also going back for the second start.

A height issue in the first race was worked out in the second so we were able to peg our way back, and at least be happy with where we finished!

Great crew and having a ball anyways playing with a big kite pole up front.

I am sailing well - hopefully will keep it up for today!

See what happens!!!

21st January

Back home in Milton today before heading back down to Geelong tomorrow - minus a Tasar.

We ended up 4th.

Race one was quite windy, and after leading around the top - I was passed by Allistair and others whilst broaching (oops!) - at least I didn't capsize!  Big waves!!!

This popped off two of the jib clips, so the sails didn't work too well up the second work. This issue was fixed at the top mark the second last time so that we had a sail to work with, and we finished 5th (close 4th).  Allistair went on to have second after Shandy.

The second race we were 4th after coming back to first on the last work - half way, and losing focus in the second half of the work. Well done to Meg who won the race!

The third race we managed to be in third after a port tack start which layed the top mark. We got into second on the last work, and rounded for the run. Meg Ridgway sailed down with new pressure and had the momentum to pass on the inside.  I almost got her back by the bottom mark, however, didn't quite get the overlap, so was forced to reach to the finish from behind having third - Allistair won the race to cleanly tie up his series.

Overall placings: 1st Al Murray, 2nd Meg Ridgway, 3rd Shandy.

Well done to all, and thanks to Andrew - a testing few days in the rain to be sure!

Hopefully I have learned enough to get out there and do a better job next time! Once my boat handling is up there, look out!

20th January

Last day of Sail Melbourne today.

We didn't get any racing in yesterday.  Instead we sat on the water in on and off rain with no breeze for 3 hours after a 1 hour postponement on shore!

Anyway, I am happy they didn't race us.  They tried to get the full rig Lasers away and you should have heard the noises - banging on the deck and whooping!

So if we are lucky we will get a decent race in today.  Was meant to be blowing it's socks off - however it is raining yet again and looks as though there is no wind either...


Allistair will pretty much have first tied up I would think - so we will see what happens to the rest of us on the overall score card after what does or doesn't happen today.

I would think they will try doubly hard to get a race in, otherwise you can't even call it a series.  Let's hope they don't do anything rediculous!

Will let you know what happens out on the water...

Lets hope it all goes well.

19th January

 Sail Melbourne Race 1 and 2 were sailed yesterday on Port Phillip Bay.

We managed to lead around the first mark in Race 1 in a light SEerly.  We maintained the lead on the trapezoid course until the last bottom mark rounding when Allistair Murray tactically gained the advantage after a crowded mark rounding with Finns for us. He got out to the breeze so that when we followed, his height forced us to tack away - and he held the lead from there.

A second wasn't too bad at all.

The second race started with a bit more pressure and the mark 30 degrees to the left of the previous race (190 in race 1 and 160 in race 2).

We held the lead this time until the bottom of the last work when Allistair took the inside on the run.

We tacked off onto starboard on what seemed to be a great shift.  Unfortunately all of the Vics went right as the breeze permanently shifted that way, and we ended up fifth round the top - staying there until the finish.

So a two five is the score card at the moment.

Megan Ridgway is back in the boat with Bronwyn upfront after finishing year 12, Michael Paynter will be on the water today, the Shands and some other Vic locals make up the rest of the fleet.

More news as it comes...

Let's see what happens today :)

18th January 2007

Sail Melbourne starts today.

The mighty Scribbel is all but ready to roll after a make over.  The containers arrive tomorrow, so the boat has been put together with borrowed gear to get us on the water.

A big thanks to Rossco for the use of his mainsail!

Perth was fantastic, a great regatta - so now it is time for me to learn some different things and get my time behind the wheel!

Will keep you updated!

19th December

Well SIRs is all over.

The last day thankfully gave us a beautiful Noreaster!

Was good to have Stu on board to fill in for Ruth.

Our downwind speed was great.

The last race was really interesting, with three of us over, it was a battle to catch up the boat in front.

We hung in there and played the shifts really well, even though we were in an older boat, and a learning - was a good feeling!

Check out the gallery for some happy snaps of the event!

A good way to remember what sailing is all about before I get serious for Perth.  All updates for Perth will be on the Team Chukkel page. 

See you on the water!

18th December

Day 3 of the SIRS regatta today, coming fourth at the moment.  Ruth and Helen have been excellent - easing me into the steering way of things.

We are getting around the course pretty well, just learning how to make the boat go - and keep my head working!

All the other competitors have been really supportive.

Chris Harper has to be thanked for the loan of the boat, and sails, and the tips on water yesterday!

See how we go today, will probably be an even dodgier NEer! Stu Templeton is jumping on to replace Ruth (she has to work) - so see how we go!

SIRS Results

14th December

Went for our second training sail today!

The boat has more love in the past week than it has had all year I think!

Put in toe straps, fixed the mainsheet, Ruth put on new jibs and a few other speedy modifications (CRC spray) were the go for today!

Went really well.  Having great crew definitely helps AND I steered better today which was great.

If I can point the boat in the right direction we will do just fine!

We came up with a few goals today:

Goal 1:  Enjoy ourselves

Goal 2:  Improve over the course of the regatta

Goal 3:  Learn some things!

Sounds good to me!

11th December 2006

So far a sail on an Yngling on Monday 4th December, and a weekend on the Tasar has been our training.

We have been doing boat work for the past three afternoons, and will be joining in the training on Thursday!

We will see what happens, will be a fun regatta and something different to Tasars before heading West for me.  Also a great way for us all to get back into the class after our previous Yngling crews came to an end after European Campaigning, 2006.


Watch this page for updates!