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 200 Nicotine Addicts Needed

                                                              July 2013


Dear NicA members,


      Those of us who attended the annual Nicotine Anonymous World Services conference in April 2013 truly missed your company and participation. The weather was great, the company was good, and we accomplished some business.


      But it would have been even better had you been there to contribute your thoughts to our discussions, attend our six workshops and share your gratitude for being nicotine-free.


      Our co-founder, Rodger F., recovering from a serious accident two years ago, was in attendance. If it hadn't been for him, and many others during the past 30 years, Nicotine Anonymous would not exist; there would be no organization that keeps caring about nicotine addicts, no volunteers that spread the word that nicotine addiction can be beaten, no literature to order that nicotine addicts need for support in following the 12 Steps.


      We also have 12 Traditions, and the 7th Tradition is that we are self-supporting. In other words we only accept financial contributions from our members. Please read the current Seven Minutes.


      You are our members. Normally the head office (located in the home of our only part time employee in Dallas, Texas) supports you and all nicotine addicts who come to us. But of late our resources are beginning to dwindle. They are being used to create an inventory of books, pamphlets and a CD that addicts need. Inventory only stays at reasonable prices if we purchase a lot more than we need for just today, and that ties up funds.


       Gift JarIf 200 nicotine addicts were to commit $10 a month as My Gift of Gratitude to Nicotine Anonymous World Services, the organization would have sufficient funds to pay its monthly bills. Anything left over would go, as it always has, to support nicotine addicts who want to quit using and maintain that quit. Be one of the 200 addicts we need to commit to participating in My Gift of Gratitude on a monthly basis.


      Starting now, consider saving up to attend the 2014 annual conference on the Jersey Shore. We need your wisdom, ideas and support.


      Thanks again to Rodger F. and those who founded Nicotine Anonymous so that we could find our way out of the snares of nicotine addiction.


      Thanks to all of you who support our organization. We hope you will share issues or comments by contacting us at   


       Is there an addict who would be willing to express their gratitude by being our volunteer Webservant?  We are in dire need of one. 


In service,


Michael B.