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Step 7 Questions

Step 7 - I humbly ask God to remove my shortcomings


·         What defects will be most difficult to give up? In what order to you plan to give them up?




·         What kind of situations, stressors or pressures cause you to regress back into your defects of character? What can you do to lessen the likelihood of that stress occurring?




·         Where do you feel most supported and helped in your strivings for recovery?




·         What makes you lose hope? Can you avoid such situations? If so, then how?




·         What (person, situation, event, thought) restores your hope? Is there a way to maximize those influences? If so, then how?




·         What would you like to recapture in your life?




·         Describe in detail what you think that your life will be like with your defects of character removed from you.




·         What are you grateful for?




·         When do you think that life has been especially good for you? When did you have the greatest joy?




·         Describe your typical day's activities in terms of how much time you spend on each type of activity.




·         Describe your typical day's activities if you knew that you had only one year to live.





·         Have you made the correct decisions about how to spend time with loved ones, in solitude and with your discretionary time? If not, how would you like to change it?




·         What would you do if you were granted three wishes?




·         What do you think that you can do to leave the world a better place and accomplish your mission in life?