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Finding Release

Our 7th Step Prayer of Nicotine Anonymous

Higher Power, I place myself in your hand and humbly ask that my character defects be lifted from me so that I may help others. Please grant me willingness, courage, and strength so that through my actions I may reflect your love and wisdom.

AA 7th Step Prayer

"My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad. I pray that you now remove from me every single defect of character, which stands in the way of my usefulness to you and my fellows. Grant me strength, as I go from here to do your bidding."

Finding release from Character defects

Are you troubled by a defect of character, such as anger, smoking, sarcasm, procrastination, delusion, etc. If so, write it down here [....................], and repeat the mantra below while substituting your defect for the [....................].> Say it as many times as are necessary to believe it, to know that it is right for you. Then, say the prayer.


I am in the power of [...............] again.

I do not want to be in this terrible state.

I realize that I cannot change people or circumstances.

I accept that it is I who has the problem.

It is I who must change.

I accept responsibility for escaping from my [...............].

Prayer of spiritual release


(Higher Power’ Name), please remove my [...............].
Release me from my obsessive thoughts about people and circumstances.
Show me how my solutions will not solve my problems.
Keep me away from drugs and alcohol.
Keep me away from people, places and things that trigger my [...............]


(Higher Power’s Name), please guide me to constructive thinking.
Let me think of you.
Help me to think of my Family and friends.

Inspire me with thoughts of improving my value to my employer.
Have me be an exemplary member of NicA in thought, smobriety, presence, study, participation, service and example.
Instruct me in your correct ways of service to them.
Instruct me about your path for me.
Motivate me to follow your path.

Guide me to remain on your path.


(Higher Power’s Name), please bless me with the joy of your presence.
Bless me with the realization that I am on your path.
Bless me with overwhelming gratitude.