03 Step Three

STEP THREE: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him. 
  1. Read Pamphlets  "Nicotine Anonymous: The Program and Tools" 

  2. Read Nicotine Anonymous: The Book on Step 3 and also from the Newcomer's Booklet  and in NAWS Study Guide and answer the question.  See How to get Literature if you don't have these books.

  3. This is optional material from our Mother program. If you have never worked the 12 Steps you may really want to listen to the Joe and Charlie MP3's below and taken from http://www.silkworth.net/freestuff.html - Please visit that website to make a donation if you use the materials. You can right click on link and save target for your mp3 player 

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  4. Answer the Step 3 Questions .

  5. Who will be your network of people that will help you? Write down at least a List of 10 Support Buddies that you will be using to help you in your recovery.

Idea's on support systems:

Family members, Friends, Co-Workers, Nicotine Anonymous group, Smoking Cession clinic/group, Sponsor, buddies, etc.