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Step 2 Questions

STEP 2  "Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."

1 What was the religion that your family of origin practiced or claimed to be a part of?

2 List the positive and negative aspects as you see it of your family’s religion.

3 Have you made a break with your family's religion or have you stayed with it? Explain why you have taken your particular course of action.

4 What other people have helped you to see the unmanageability of your life? Do they believe in a Higher Power and if so describe their belief as far as you know of it.

5 Recall some of your best friends from childhood or adolescence. Describe what you liked best about them and what they liked best about you? Do you think that these qualities have any relationship to a Higher Power? Explain.


 From the following list of groups, write Yes or No according to whether you could share in their values or not?



Share Values?

Twelve Step Group


Conservative Christian church


Liberal Christian church






Hindu temple


Buddhist temple


Unitarian or non-Christian church


Non-religious ethical organization


Activist Humanitarian group (a.g. Amnesty Intl)


Environmental Organization (e.g., Sierra Club)




Describe events, situations or people who have helped you to understand what a "Higher Power" or God is all about.


Describe any dreams that you have had about a "Higher Power" or God, and what they mean to you.


What have been your previous experiences with religion? How do think that this does or does not relate to your experience with God as you understand God.