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Unmanageability Inventory

Answers these questions about unmanageability around nicotine addiction.

Have I ever avoided nonsmoking people, places or situations?

Have I ever avoid sports or other physical activities because I knew I'd get winded and probably wouldn't perform well?

How much money have I spent each year on tobacco?

Have I ever been late for appointments because I had to catch a smoke before getting there?

Have I ever gone out at odd hours because I realized there wasn't a cigarette or other tobacco in the house?

Have I ever secured my supply, making sure I wouldn't run out unexpectedly?

STEP ONE: - that our lives had become unmanageable.

Write out what happen to you as a result to your nicotine usage.
I ended up with a diagnosis of COPD and had Short of Breath with a chronic cough.
I can’t go to people’s houses who do not smoke.


Put your work here:
When you  have finished admits these out loud or with your sponsor.