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Mental Illness

A word to those people who are dealing with depression or mental illness and are on medications. Quitting smoking can cause a temporary worsening of those disorders.  Please be sure you check with your doctor before quitting.  You may require medications adjustments.  Also don’t be surprise if you find that after you are off nicotine, and have gone through the grieving process, that you need less of those medications. I notice after I was off nicotine for about 2 years, my chronic depression had been totally lifted.  Many people with mental illness used nicotine to help medicate them.  They think it helps them cope but in all honesty, it only makes matters worse in the long run. 

Please never adjust your own medications unless your doctor has given you permission to do so.  Don’t ask your sponsor or other people to help you to adjust them. Only a doctor can do your adjustments. They know your history.  Your peers do not.
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