01 Step One

STEP ONE:  We admitted we were powerless over nicotine - that our lives had become unmanageable.
  1. These are the things I found useful in my quit: MY TIPS,  Anger Management , Mental Illness,  Withdrawal Symptoms of Nicotine What is Abstinence?, How Do People Get Hooked?  and Breathing exercises.

  2. Read NicA Pamphlets Facing the Fatal Attraction 

  3. Read from "Nicotine Anonymous: The Book" > Rodger's Story, Our Story and Step 1. Also Read Step 1 in the Newcomer's Booklet  and in NAWS Study Guide (answer the questions).  See How to get Literature if you don't have these books.

  4. This is optional material from our Mother program. If you have never worked the 12 Steps you may really want to listen to the Joe and Charlie MP3's below taken from http://www.silkworth.net/freestuff.html - Please visit that website to make a donation if you use the materials. You can right click on link and save target for your mp3 player. 

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  5. Answer the questions about Powerlessness over smoking/using nicotine and make your list:

  6. Answers these questions about Unmanageability around nicotine addiction and make your list.

  7. If you have not quit yet, continue to ask for the willingness to quit. If you have quit, every day ask you higher power to help you stay quit and thank your higher power every night for doing so.