Working The 12 Steps with Carol R.
This website is a personal tool that I developed in my 12 Step Recovery for Nicotine. The materials used in this website are from various resources. I have tried to give them credit for what I have used.  You can find the materials you need (The Book, Newcomer's Booklet and NAWS Study Guide) for this workbook at http://nicotine-anonymous.org/store.html 
I started my 12 Step recovery in an Alanon group and I also worked the Steps as laid out by Joe and Charlie with my sponsor's help. When I came to Nicotine Anonymous, the only tool I had was the Nicotine Anonymous: The Book and a friend who was seeking the same help I was. We used each other as sponsors.  Finally Feb 4, 1998 I had my last cigarette and 10 days afterwards, no nicotine at all.  It was not long after that I found online support.  I truly believe, if you seek recovery, you will find it. It may take some time.  Just keep trying!
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Cool Link for people with back pain..  Back pain was one of the major reason why I wanted to quit smoking.  https://www.spine-health.com/video/quitting-smoking-a-must-people-back-pain-video