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Connect all the pots to the board  
Get the Arduino triggering the ADSR  
Verify the filter chips are working  
Verify that velocity CV is present and correct  
Add a shorting transistor to the glide circuit  
Add an array to record notes on  
Implement simple arpeggiator  
Connect the switches  
mount boards and panel to MDF board  
extend panel to 19"  
Put a switch in series with glide reset trigger  
mount Veroboard to MDF and wire comparators  
add mixer pots (comparator, ring mod, external) - need Log?  
Add ring mod to veroboard  
Add fine offset and pitch pots  
Add switch for sync  
Add jacks for pre-VCA output and ext input  
User the mod control to do something  
Package the FatDuino into a proper 19" rack with etched panel  
Add a display and use for something   
Experiment with using beat freq to modulate pitch CV via capacitor (NB I have since forgotten what this meant)  
Showing 21 items