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Fatduino v2.0 new video and files

posted Oct 23, 2011, 3:17 PM by   [ updated Oct 23, 2011, 3:20 PM ]
New video of Fatduino V2.0 now up on Youtube. Source code files are updated in the Files section.

There are so many new features, I can't count them. Just truckloads. Here's the notes on what happened since 3.9:

 FatDuino 3.10
 + Lots of diagnostics to COM port
 + Receive note on, note off and control DAQ for pitch and velocity
 + Trigger ADSR bits at right time
 + Monitor notes held and release in sequence if held down
 + Legato feature: attack not retriggered if key held while new note is played
 + Arpeggio
 + Step sequencer done - now can enter/exit edit mode
 + Pitch bend, with centi-note resolution
 + Mod wheel controls software vibrato
 + Pot2 blends velocity with software LFO
 + velocity gets left at last value
 + LFO type changed by pot1
 Finally got mode display working!!!
 3.15 - Good stable version
 Parameter access implemented using arrays
   Midi channel
   Legato mode
   Random arpeg
   Random octave
 Editing sequences using cursor controlled by pot4
 3.16 Good working version
 Save/load sequence working
 Random pitch (selected from other members of note array)
 Legato affects sequence play when no gaps between notes
 Global offset for note
 Fixed sustain/release during sequences
 Added status for notes held - to debug gated sequence problem
 Sequence reversal parameter Rrev
 LFO Reset on sequence reset - parameter "LFOr" = LFO_reset
   - LFO is reset if LFO is less than LFOr
 LFO delay from note start = parameter "LFOd" = LFO_delay
   - LFO will reset on note-on if non-zero
 LFO_zero == true until LFO_timer > LFO_delay
 Quantised pitch bend and mod wheel to whole notes = "PBQuant"
 Random re-seed every "reset_seed_count" cycles of note array, to fixed seed=1
 Selectable seed value on reseed = random_seed