The Arduino is such a great idea - a simple, easy way for hobbyists to engage with microcontrollers and build them into all sorts of fun project. Hats off to the people behind the Arduino.

Paia have been building kit analog synths since the dawn of time and are still going strong. Check out their other products including guitar effects, vocoder and a whole range of synth modules.

This guy makes some fantastic homemade synths - a real inspiration:

This Edinburgh bunch make crazy noises from weird Frankenstein electronics. I have never seen them perform but I like their style:

There's a regular "electronica" podcast from these guys - based in Ediburgh - this is a great outlet for unsigned talent and their podcasts are a laugh-a-minute! They also put on occassional festivals of electronica in the city...

Check out Max Planck - defunct band of my Glasgow pal Al Watt. He has a new one but I can't remember what it's called....

Miscellaneous analog synth meisters.....
Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese
The Orb