Saweri support for Buginese alphabet

Saweri is a TrueType font that is meant to support the lontara alphabet which is also known as Buginese alphabet, a writing system that is used by the Bugis people for their writings. The font supports all lontara consonants as well as the vowel signs and punctuations. The unicode range for this font is from UTF-1A00 until UTF-1A1F which means it only supports the lontara alphabet.


Saweri is licensed under GPL v3. Read more about the license from GNU page.


Below is the design of the font:

Saweri 1.0
Saweri 2.0
Saweri 2.0 compared to 1.0 is different in design. The 2.0 follow the traditional form of the Buginese alphabet, while 1.0 is a stylized version of the alphabet. Version 1.0 is obsolete and not supported anymore.

Installing it

On Linux

  1. Download the file and extract it. The second version is compressed as .rar, you need to have unrar installed in your system.
  2. Install the font by clicking the .ttf file, a font viewer will appear. Click the "install" button.
  3. You can also manually copy the extracted files to the /usr/share/fonts folder, but you need to have administrator access to do that.

On Windows

To install this font on Microsoft Windows, first you need to download the font. To do this, click on the download link then save the folder to your PC. The folder that you will obtain is in .zip (.rar for the version 2) format. So, you have to unzipped the folder to obtain the font within it. After extracting, you will find out that there are two font files within the folder saweri (or SaweriV2 for version 2) namely:

  • swrn.ttf - The normal style for the font
  • swrn.ttf - The bold style of the font.



Input method

Test the font 

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