Nial Fuller Bio

Nial Fuller Bio

Nial Fuller is one of the foremost Forex educators in the world, specializing in the method of price action analysis. Nial’s trading strategies simplify the process of trading and allow traders to navigate the markets with a very clean and common sense trading method. Nial is dedicated to helping traders achieve their goals in the markets through his simple price action trading strategies. He offers a full array of price action trading training materials that will help all traders simplify their trading and learn to read and trade the natural price dynamics of the markets. If you want to find out more about Nial Fuller and his price action Forex trading strategies, check out his website here: Learn To Trade The Market.

Nial Fuller – Early trading days

While still in high school, Nial Fuller was drawn to trading for its ability to provide freedom from the routine robotic lifestyle that so many people live these days. As with most traders, Nial’s early days were defined by confusion and a lot of trial and error. He floated around from one indicator system to the next and never really felt totally comfortable with any of them or the trading style he was looking for. After a couple years of this Nial discovered that he was simply over-complicating the issue of trading when he stumbled across the simplicity and power of trading with simple price action trading strategies.

Nial Fuller – Developing into a successful trader

After learning about price action trading Nial quickly saw improvement in his own trading and really started to blossom as a trader. However, it was not only the strategy that turned Nial’s trading around, it was also the realization that patience and discipline where the “keys” to unlock his true trading potential. Once Nial Fuller combined his mastery of price action trading with his acceptance of the necessity for patience and discipline, he essentially had a license to print money.

After successfully trading his own account for a couple years, Nial took on private clients and began managing large amounts of money. He also began developing his own proprietary price action trading strategies around this time that are currently part of his Forex education package today. After managing client money and even running a few trading seminars for a while, Nial decided he wanted to reach a bigger audience and help more struggling traders discover the power of the simple price action strategies like he had.

Nial Fuller – Forex trading mentor

As a result of having way too much time on his hands due to successful daily chart trading, and a desire to help struggling traders around the world, Nial Fuller decided to start his price action Forex trading training website. His website is seen as the “authority” on effective price action trading, because Nial does not just teach traders the individual price action patterns, he also teaches them how to trade them and how to understand the natural ebb and flow of the market. Nial’s obvious passion for delivering quality on-going content to his students is very apparent upon one visit to his website. Check out Nial Fuller Forex Trading Course Here