R. Robert Mutrie

Researcher, Writer, Publisher

R. Robert Mutrie, researcher, writer and publisher of more than four decades, specializes in pre-confederation Ontario history. “The Niagara Settlers” website is his latest publication of documented listings and stories of the earliest pioneers in Ontario.

He has been a genealogist since his teen years. His earlier memories are of sitting beside his grandmother listening to the local lore and traditions from her lips. He went on to study the historical documents in dozens of libraries, archives and institutions. The depth of decades of study is evident in all his work. His website dedicated to the early settlers in Norfolk County is found at http://sites.google.com/site/longpointsettlers

He has lived in the Niagara Region for the past thirty years and during that time developed an intimate knowledge of its early development as one of the cradles of Canadian settlement. He now shares his knowledge in this site dedicated to the Niagara Settlers.

R. Robert Mutrie may be contacted at robertmutrie@live.com