The Ontario

Pioneers Genealogies


Looking for your nineteenth

and early twentieth century ancestors in Ontario?

Over the past twenty-seven years, R. Robert Mutrie has compiled more than 800 Ontario Pioneers Genealogies of ancestral families across Southwestern Ontario. These are listed here under the headings at the right. More will be added over time. Each includes four to six generations of family members starting with the first pioneer ancestor who settled in Ontario during the province’s formative years, and tracing down to the generation born around the turn of the twentieth century. He has followed the descendants all across North America and elsewhere around the world.

Much more than just family trees, each Ontario Pioneers Genealogy includes fully sourced biographical notes and genealogical information. The names, vital dates, and residency of descendants and their spouses are an integral part of these genealogies. When found, earlier eighteenth century colonial or European ancestral information is also included. More than 1,000 primary and secondary sources from dozens of libraries, archives and websites were researched in developing these genealogies. Many also include information from hard to find or out-of-print books.

To search for your ancestors, click the first letter of the surname in the sidebar at the right — for example, for Smith, click Settlers “S”. To order one or more of these genealogies, click on the “Add to Cart” tab to the right of the individual listing.

Your ancestral genealogies will be sent to you express by e-mail. This “one-stop” resource means you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours online and in libraries to track down just a few ancestors. Each genealogy can be ordered individually.

Wondering if your ancestors are included? E-mail Robert Mutrie at asking for your free search of the genealogies for a particular name.