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Updated 4/17/13

The weather is starting to cooperate!  Now if it stays this way till the weekend! We can RIDE!  At the meeting tonight we decided to change the Wednesday meeting schedule.  We are going to meeting twice a month.  The first and last Wednesday of the month.  The first Wed. we will be at Tim Hortons on NFB.  On the last Wed. we will meet at Pautlers on Transit Rd.  This helps people to have a closer location to meet.  So go where it is convenient for you! We will still ride ALL nice weekend days!

Spring is almost HERE!!!  We are gearing up for another Great Riding Season.  Our last meeting on the Winter (Once-a-month) Schedule was last night.  Starting April 3rd 2013, we will be meeting on a Weekly basis at Tim Hortons.  The time is 7pm and we will plan the weekend rides and share SCOOTER events, rides and info.

The FIRST event for this year will be the May 5 (Cinco De Mayo) Scooter Blessing at Erie County Scooters at 1330 French Road Cheektowaga. Be there at 12:00 noon Sunday 5/5/13.  There will be Hot Dogs and Soda, a 50/50 Split and an Impromptu Ride. See you there!

Happy New Year to ALL!  Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!  We ALL survived the 2012 Doomsday and can look forward to the next world catastrophe...LOL  Or we can SCOOT till we Drop!  In the hysteria of this holiday season, I promptly forgot about our FIRST meeting of 2013.  So I will be back on track for the February 6th meeting at Timmy Hos.  Hope to see you there! 

Looking for Ride Coordinators for 2013.  If you think you have some interesting rides for the club, why not be an NRSC Ride Coordinator!  Let me know if you are interested for the 2013 riding season.  I am looking for a 50cc or slow ride, a middle of the road ride, and an above 55mph ride coordinator to plan and lead rides.  There are ALOT of great places to ride and we can't seem to get to all of them.  So this way we can split up the rides and a choice of ride for each weekend!  There are 50+ members now and there are different preferences on the type of ride we like.  So lets open up the options.  I can't do 3 at a time - so if you would like to lead one of the size groups... now is your chance!  Let Beth know!

Ask Beth about a Club T-Shirt.  We have a few left over for $15!

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