Well Gang,

We've waited as long as we possibly could.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Ontario Provincial State of Emergency restrictions are going to be lifted in time (allowing for substantially increased numbers in gatherings) for us to get any resemblance of a slo-pitch season in this 2020 season.
We even tried to schedule a "shortened" season, in an attempt to get SOME played.
But...at this time..... even that can't be done.

So....the NFSPL has been forced to cancel the 2020 season.

All deposit monies will be refunded to the Team Contacts.

Team contacts:  

Please email us with the email address you would like the etransfer sent to.

For those teams that paid their deposits with a Sponsor's cheque, we will be issuing cheques back to that company.  Please contact us to make the arrangements.

*****Please Note*****

Should the Provincials be able to be played, teams will not be required to qualify.  Simply contact SPN head office to enter.

Please Everyone....
Stay safe and Stay well.
See you all next season!

Garth and Theresa Wintle
Niagara Falls Slo-Pitch League


When schedules go LIVE ,they will no longer be posted on GameOn Mobile !!!
They will only be available on this website....under the SCHEDULES tab.

Remember !!!  You can't play until your online roster has been completed and the players have completed their online waivers!!
Get them done !  Coaches get on your players to complete them !

Every coach and player needs to download the Game On Mobile App

Download the app and find the league and favourite your team


Please remember to accept notifications to receive all of the updates and messages from the NFSPL

Mens Schedule 


Co-ed Schedule 


The week starting May 12th , 2019 – 

New "Target" start week

*** Weather permitting and the parks are ready***

Currently, the fields are still too wet and spongy.

Garth and Theresa Wintle

Phone: 289-397-0271

Email: nfslopitch@hotmail.ca

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/niagarafallsslopitchleague/home


 Niagara Falls Slo-Pitch League


RULE # 1

Since some teams & coaches don’t follow the league rule on alcohol in the park, we have been forced to change the rule.

IF ANYONE is caught with beer in the park,  that player & the coach will receive a 2-game suspension. If this does not solve the problem, the game will be forfeited as well as the next game.

Enough is Enough -  Leave the alcohol outside the park


There will be no looking the other way

There will be no putting it in a cup

Umpires have been notified



Website:  https://sites.google.com/site/niagarafallsslopitchleague/home



Winning Team MUST report scores within 24 hours of the completion of their game

Email to:   nfslopitch@hotmail.ca
Call:   289-397-0271

This is a LANDLINE and cannot accept text messages

If you text your scores in to the landline, your score will be considered not submitted


 Respect your fellow players, spectators and the Umpires !!!

The rules surrounding the "Code of Conduct"Code of Behavior" are very clear and WILL BE adhered to.
The NFSPL has a "Code of Behavior"   (see below  Rule # 4)

Slo-Pitch National has a "Code of Conduct" 

The City of Niagara Falls has implemented "The R Zone" regarding Respect and Responsibility.  https://www.niagarafalls.ca/pdf/recreation/rzone-policy.pdf

Any person(s) reported to the NFSPL to have been in violation of the above codes will be dealt with accordingly.
Please read each code and familiarize yourselves with the consequences.
Ignorance of the codes will never be considered a defense against the codes.


The NFSPL Directors reserve the right to refuse/deny/remove entry to any teams, individuals, or spectators, who do not exemplify
the League's Code of Behaviour (see rules page)
 or the SPN Code of Conduct (see SPN website)
or the City of Niagara Falls Code of Conduct (see City of NF website)
at any time during the season,
without refund of any monies.


Rain Outs

Our rain-out policy is:
 If the weather is "iffy",   check the website!

The City will inform Executive by 3:00pm on game day if fields are unplayable.


If you have not received messages/emails from the executive, check the website again before you leave for the park.


No messages/emails means you must show up at the park.  Games are still on

 (at the discretion of the umpires.)


You can call the City of Niagara Falls 
Field Closure hotline 905-356-7521 ext 3399 after 3:00 p.m.
to check for park closures.
You have to continue listening as they go through all city parks, until they get to the park you are looking for.

We HAVE removed players/teams/spectators in previous seasons, so please pay close attention to the behavior of everyone involved with your team.

The SPN  Bat Policy will be strictly enforced

Please click on the link below to see the SPN Bat Policy



Go to the Slo-Pitch National website