Volunteer Spotlight

Kathy Young

Having now lived in Rugby over 22 years and already being part of the Community through working at The Claremont Centre I wanted to be more involved in helping keeping the Community Safe and well informed of current issues. Having limited time with a full time job I didn't want to commit to anything I couldn't keep up with so volunteered to help look after the website & social media. This also suits me as I have a passion for computers.

If everyone could just do their little but Rugby could become a much safer place.

Roy Bayliss

I was born in Bubbenhall a village not far away then spent my youth in Stoneleigh Village,

This is part where (Village life in those Days) where every body knew most every one and looked out for each other,

I have always been interested in the community and trying to help people in any way I can.

I have lived in the Rugby area now for over thirty years I believe (It may be more)

I also have interests in keeping and looking for anything to help the Country keep clean and tidy and any new ideas of interest.Helping out with bike registrationPromoting our service