Do you need someone reputable and trustworthy to help give your child an extra boost, some home school help, tailored instruction, or help navigating through a tough school project?
If so, then you've come to the right place!

Getting ready for a new school day

My name is Lauren E. Simpson and I am a New Hampshire certified public school teacher. I have been teaching for the past 11 years in New Hampshire after being initially certified to teach in New York. I have my Masters degree in education as well.

In addition to running my own classroom, I've also had experience teaching one on one, so I am resourceful and know how to personalize my instruction to your child's needs.

Practicing our social skills

I am able to help elementary and middle school aged children:

learn in a home school setting
increase reading fluency
increase reading comprehension
succeed with homework
help prevent summer regression
broaden writing skills
strengthen math fluency and skills
complete summer school projects
plan and carry out research projects
use technology effectively

I have a sense of humor, a key to successful learning with kids!

I am hoping to be able to reach out to families of young people who would like some help learning new things, practicing tough concepts, or getting and staying ahead academically.