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The purpose of this website is to increase the awareness among management researchers of the severe limitations of Null Hypothesis Significance Tests (NHSTs) and to introduce alternative approaches. NHSTs have been criticized by methodologists on various grounds. Their criticism suggests that in the management literature, the extensive use of NHST in quantitative research has led to the accumulation of deceptive findings.  Consequently, management journals are full of "statistically significant" results that are both too small to be practically relevant and so small that they are unlikely to be replicated by other studies.  In a field that aspires to provide useful advice to managers, we need to focus on practically important effects that are robust across a wide variety of settings.  This website provides access to presentations and other sources that outline the severe limitations of NHSTs and introduce alternative approaches that promise to address these limitations -- such as, effect size measures, confidence intervals, and baseline modeling.

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