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Advanced Treble Chorus

Advanced Treble Chorus serves as NHS's Varsity ensemble. This group is a select, auditioned ensemble comprised of approx. 15 treble singers. This ensemble focuses on high level repertoire, and performs music in 3 and 4 parts from various time periods and cultures. Advanced Treble Chorus performs at each of NHS's 4 major concerts, as well as at community and high profile events.

Advanced Treble Chorus rehearses on Wednesdays during TASC, and on Fridays from 2-4pm.

2018-19 Advanced Treble Chorus Roster

Soprano 1:
Mollie McGrady
Caroline Connole-Sutherland
Casey Juhree
Eden Puerini

Soprano 2:
Lily Moskwa
Erin McCaffrey
Gigi Parenteau
Natalie Portillo
Nathanael Richard

Alto 1:
Aliana Zabel
Kalene Allamby
Aleen Brennan
Quinn Jones
Selina Amargo

Alto 2:
Maya Carberry
Ilaria D'Andrea
Kim Perry


Sarah Kane,
Aug 23, 2016, 6:18 PM