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Other Service Projects

Food donation to the Salvation Army!

The Salvation Army needs your help! The pantry shelves are currently empty and they have had to suspend their food assistance program.  You can get 1 in-club service hour by driving to Raleigh and dropping off at least 5 food items at the Center of Hope at 1863 Capital Boulevard. Items needed:

·         Canned vegetables, fruits and meats

·         Noodles, rice & beans

·         Cereal

·         Spaghetti sauce

·         Peanut butter

The Center of Hope is open Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm & Fridays 8am-2pm. Make sure to get your service sheet signed by a Salvation Army staff member or volunteer.

For more information: http://www.salvationarmycarolinas.org/wakecounty/blog/2015/03/26/food-pantry-shelves-are-empty/

Giving Blood 
Give blood at a local hospital or blood drive and earn an hour of service. Remember, you must meet Red Cross requirements and may need parental permission, depending on your age.

You can go to redcrossblood.org to look for local blood drives in the area.

Teacher Help
You can earn up to two in-club service hours by helping teachers with various jobs after school. Remember, as a student you are not allowed to grade other students' work.