Key NHS Events and Calendar

Key NHS Dates

Academic Year 2012 - 2013

Dues:  Pay $10 by 18 October   ... we are a month behind.  You will lose your membership in NHS if we have to track you down.

T-Shirt:  Order by 1 November

NHS Meeting Dates:  Third Thursday every month except March when it is 2nd Thursday.  During Tiger Time.  

Dates:  20 Sep, 18 Oct, 15 Nov, 20 Dec, 17 Jan, 21 Feb, 14 Mar, 18 Apr, 16 May

We will also need to reserve  the following dates for NHS functions:

6th Hour on 15 March to practice the induction ceremony.    

Afternoon of 17 March (Sunday) for the NHS induction ceremony. 

New Meeting Formats

Our NHS meetings have become unproductive social gatherings that pull our members out of class.  We have also had many instances where NHS members have not fulfilled their membership obligations, from paying dues to showing up for events that they signed up to support.  For these reasons, we will discontinue our current meeting format and “re-invent” the way we operate.  As an NHS member, you are obligated to stay informed by visiting either the NHS bulletin board across from Guidance, checking the NHS web site for announcements, and listening for key information on Tiger TV.   NHS will still meet monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. However, only key officers and NHS members who volunteer to lead teams for community service will attend.  The meetings will then focus on essential planning for our support activities.  In the future, when NHS supports an event, we will designate an event “Captain”. That captain will then recruit other NHS members for the event and make sure that we support.  Any member may volunteer to be an event captain.  We will give event Captains double credit for hours served as we know it takes extra time to perform leadership duties. The event captains may request a pass to attend the monthly NHS meeting for themselves and team members by contacting the adviser at least one week prior to the meeting.  Only NHS members with passes may attend meetings.