New Hampshire Ingress Resistance

Contact us via email at and then ping in game @butler to let us know you have emailed and want to join our local G+ communities.

We have multiple regional communities throughout the state of NH, along with a central community, and a central "bootcamp" leveling/training community.  Let us help you become higher level agents! 

The world around you is not what it seems. Agents battle to "improve" humans by allowing Shapers to "improve" us using Exotic Matter or XM. They seek to build fields around the world to control our minds and our futures. They call themselves "Enlightened".

We disagree. The human race doesn't need improving from Shapers. We work to resist the influence of the shapers to protect humans and to protect our future. We are part of the resistance. Resistance is existence.

What to join us? Download the scanner to your smartphone using the following links. Want to learn more? Visit the official Ingress site.

  • Ingress
  • Get it on Google Play
  • Get it on the iTunes App Store

Once you have downloaded the scanner, you can use it to communicate with other resistance agents. We will assist you in our quest to resist the Shapers, protect humans, and protect our future. You can find portals and plan your moves using the official Ingress intelligence map (requires sign in with your account).

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