November 20, 2014
The Fall Season has come to an end for NHSA sponsored outdoor events.  Thank you to all the referees who officiated in the NHSL, the Tri-State Cup, NHSA U-10 Festival and the Kohl's USYS American Cup.  In total, referees covered more than 2,400 games for NHSA sponsored events in just over 9 weeks time - an outstanding job!
As the NH SRC continues to implement its new registration system for referee registration and course selection, I strongly urge you to go to and familiarize yourself with the site and the functionality of GameOfficials.  For those of you who referee the US Soccer Development Academy program as well as PRO games, our site works the same way and you can link both sites to your user information for "one stop" game management.  In conjunction with the new registration system,any league or event that the NH SRC is responsible for assigning or overseeing the assignment of, such as the New Hampshire Soccer League, will now be done on GameOfficials.  The Inaugural Tri-State Cup was assigned using the game assignment process on GameOfficials and in the Spring of 2015, NHSA State Cup, NHSA President's Cup and any other NHSA events involving the State Referee Program will be assigned through this system.

Another added feature of using GameOfficials is that the State Director of Referee Assessment has been able to have assessors scheduled to assess referees using the Developmental and Guidance assessment program for nearly 80 matches this Fall.  This is crucial to the growth of the referee program in NH and if you are interested in having an assessor watch one of your games, we now have a mechanism to attach it to your referee account with ease and continuity.  Though the games have ended for the Fall, be sure to consider this if you are working any NHSA sponsored event in the Spring.
For those of you who worked in the NHSL this Fall, you saw some hiccups with the system as the bugs were worked out.  Much of the system is operating smoothly, however a few final tweaks will be worked on over the Winter to ensure a better experience in the Spring.
Please remember that regardless of the league(s) you may be working, you need to be a professional and to do the following:
  1. Accept/Decline your assignments promptly.  The assignors want to know as soon as possible that you can or cannot wok the game(s).  Keep your availability current!!! 
  2. Arrive to your games at least 30 minutes prior to kick and be professional.
  3. Do your game reports and report your game scores as soon as possible after the game.  Many systems now allow for reportng via smartphone.  You should submit your game reports within 48 hours per US Soccer Policy.  If required (due to cautions, send-offs, dismissals or other unusual event) be sure to submit a US Soccer Supplemental Report to the assignor and the SRA as well, with a copy of the game report.  These reports are found on this site under the "Resources" tab on the left side of this page.
Your job isn't finished until you do your paperwork! 
It is my sincere hope that you had an excellent Fall season and that you enjoy the your time off or working indoors.  Remember that if you are working indoors and the facility is not affiliated with NHSA, you may not wear your badge or any item displaying the USSF logo.  This can cause you to be in violation of US Soccer policy and leave you without insurance coverage, putting you at great risk.  As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns that you cannot get answers for from your assignors or Area Representatives.
Best regards,
State Youth Referee Administrator