February 27, 2018

Greetings Referees,

Spring is right around the corner and soon there will be matches to officiate outdoors (well ok, there already is)!  Many of you are still not registered yet for the Spring season with USSF.  this means you must get to an IST session ASAP or complete the requirements for an IST session you have already started.  Part of being a referee is completing your tasks for the match (pre-game, game reports etc.) and registration is the same way.  Simply put, attending an IST session is not the only requirement nor is doing just the online testing!  This is causing some problems for referees and if you want to be registered for 2018, you need to complete everything.

This same principle applies to New Referee Training.  I taught several classes over the winter and I am saddened by the number of candidates that took the time to attend class, but decided that they didn't need to finish the online coursework once they did so.  I do care but I do not have the time nor the inclination to hound you to finish the job.  If one cannot complete these simple steps, I am afraid that actual game-time situations will be too overwhelming and then there will be real problems.

We are here to help you, however we are not your parents or babysitters and all of the SRC, from the Administrators to the Area Reps have other commitments in life to tend to.  If you ask for help, we will find the time to help.  If you don't ask, we cannot devote time to tending to your responsibilities.  Please review the information under the "Instruction" link on the left for further guidance and clarification.

Many of you are interested in upgrading from Grade 8 to Grade 7 and I am very glad to see/hear this.  Again, we will help you but please, read the information under the "Upgrade Policy" link on the left and then contact any SRC member should you still have questions.  There will be many matches this Spring that will be eligible for you to be assessed on if you choose to go that route, and there will be a fitness test conducted later this Summer at the Advanced Referee Training (not the one in March).  

Please remember that if you are registered in New Hampshire, it would be best for you to work games in New Hampshire as your top priority.  there are plenty of games locally that could use your services.  If you are going to work out of State, remember that each State has its own requirements for you to follow as far as doing their games.  You must contact Mark Sadler, SRA and let him know of your intentions so that he can contact the SRA from the State where you are considering doing matches to inform that SRA of your registration and compliance with NH's requirements.  You may be required to complete additional requirements by the other State prior to doing matches.  You will need to work with that State on those requirements.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns that you cannot get answers for from your assignors or Area Representatives.
Best Regards,
State Youth Referee Administrator

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