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With it being July, soccer has slowed down a little in NH although still plenty of action on the fields.  Of course with July, the opening of the registration cycle for 2013 is now open.  Everyone should have received an email from US Soccer detailing what is needed to submit and have approved their 2013 referee registration.  If any questions on this, please contact me,, and I will try to assist as best I can.  As has been done the last few years, the State Referee Committee is requesting everyone submit their annual registration paperwork electronically via  Use of this method makes it much easier to track and also insure everyone keeps their personal information, such as email address, up to date. 

As shown, there are a lot of in-service sessions scheduled for this summer.  I always recommend getting the training in and completed so your registration is all set come January 1!  Also, this year for the first time, you can use some of the league jamborees to fulfill your training requirements.  All you need to do is submit your registration, register with the league, come ready to work some games and then spend about an hour in a classroom environment and you will be all set.  This is reserved for referees with lower years of experience as on-field training cannot be beat when starting out.  For more details, contact the SDI ( to see if you quality for this opportunity.

Another new and exciting program being rolled out by the State Referee Committee is a mentoring program for any referee that desires to improve their skills.  This program is 100% voluntary by both the referees that want to be mentored as well as the mentors themselves.  This program is meant to develop a long term relationship to help referees improve on both their on-field and off-field performance.  If this is something you would like to participate in, either as a mentor or being mentored, please contact the SDI ( or the SRA ( for more details.  The requirements are minimal with a huge potential to improve. 

Before you know it, the fall season will be kicking off for the youth leagues around the state.  Another reminder to insure you fill out USSF Referee reports whenever there are serious injuries, cautions or send-offs.  Of course if you have some more significant happen, i.e. thunderstorm delay, no game due to goals not being anchored, etc., this type of event also requires a USSF Referee report.  Unless otherwise instructed, please send the report to the SRA and the League Assignor.  If any questions on whether a report is needed or help, please contact your State Referee Committee Area Representative or the SRA for assistance. 

If you have other questions you would like answered or topics for training drop me ( or the SDI ( a quick email with your thoughts.  Otherwise, I hope you have a great remainder of the summer and a great fall season!

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Mark J. Sadler

State Referee Administrator