1. You will not receive a form from USSF in the mail.  You should have received detailed instructions from the SRA.
  2. Registration for 2015 and beyond will be electronic via https//
  3. Pay via credit card online New this year, you MUST ATTEND THE IST SESSION YOU SIGN UP FOR DURING REGISTRATION
  4. Sign up for one of the In-Service sessions shown when registering
    • This is to make it easier to track attendance
    • If you cannot make the session you signed up for contact the SDI
  5. If age 18 or older, the system will walk you through the annual kidsafe background check.
  6. If all of the above are met at the In-Service session, you will receive your badge


All USSF registered referees are required to attend in-service training each year.

  1. All grade 8 referees MUST attend at least one IST session, which will include a written exam. These sessions are 4 hours in length and will satisfy the minimal hours requirement for recertification.
    1. Grade 5,6,7 referees must attend one of the advanced referee training sessions
  2. In addition, all Grade 6 and higher referees are required to take each year: 
    1. Physical fitness test
    2. Written test 
  • If you cannot attend a NH In Service Session due to being away at college, please coordinate with the NH SDI so that arrangements can be made to attend training where you are located. This training MUST be pre-approved by both the NH SDI and the SDI in the state you will take training. Failure to have this pre-approved may result in the training not being accepted.
  • Please note that effective with 2013 registration year, NHSA will no longer accept any non-USSF
    fitness test for grade 7 maintenance. All existing grade 5,6,7 referees must take, and pass, the USSF
    fitness test and all upgrade candidates must take, and pass, the USSF fitness test. Details of the test
    can be found in the Referee Administration handbook.
  • If you have any questions, please contact:  Bob Huston, SDI by e-mail at: