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In Service Training

Please note: Registration for 2018 is complete.  If you have not completed your registration for 2018, you will have to wait until at least Jan. 1, 2019 to referee again.

Grade 8 Annual Recertification:
All registrations and class signups are now done in GameOfficials, please go there for schedule and sign up.  Sessions for 2019 recertification will not start until at least mid-November 2018.  You will need attend a recertification session for 2019 prior to refereeing in 2019.

Recertification consists of two main components:  Completing the online modules and exam and attending the 2-hour IST session.  You must earn a minimum of 80% on the online refresher exam.  If you do not complete and pass the online exam prior to the IST, you can still attend and have 30 days to complete it.  If you have not completed it after 30 days, you will need to complete additional online classes and still pass the exam at an additional $10 administrative cost.

Click here to access information on how to sign up for an IST.

If you have any questions please contact the State Director of Instruction at:   

Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 Recertification Sessions

These advanced sessions are focused on officiating adult games and advanced topics.  Required for these sessions is passing the US Soccer Grade 6 referee fitness test and details can be found on the grade specific requirements pages for grade 7 and for grade 5 and 6.  This fitness test is a REQUIRED part of the training session for all active Grade 5 and 6 Referees at the August advanced training.  It is strongly encouraged for any referees who wish to get better assignments or improve.. Please contact the SDI for further information.


Attendance at one of the advanced sessions is REQUIRED for all referees of grades 5,6,7. No exceptions.

 For 2019 registration ONLY, the ART requirement is waived given scheduling snafus that caused ART to be cancelled.  Advanced grade referees may attend any normal IST session for this registration year ONLY!