If you have any questions on the NHSA training requirements for referees, please contact the

Annual In-Service Training requirements

All current grade 8 and 9 referees are required to attend an in-service training session. List of available sessions can be found on the in-service training page.

Grade 5,6,7 referees are required to attend one of two sessions of the advanced training, details will be sent directly to those referees.  Advanced grade referees also have additional annual requirements with fitness testing and possibly maintenance assessments.

Entry Level Referee Training for new referee certification:

To become a certified USSF soccer referee, the suggesed entry level is Grade 8. The following classes
are currently scheduled.
The fee breakdown for a new referee certification is: $50 USSF registration for 2015, $50 for a grade 8 class.
Please plan on attending the entire course, regardless of games, practices or other commitments. 
You must pre-register for all entry level clinics in order to attend.  No registrations will be allowed at the door. 
Registration for these classes is TBD.
To get more information about the clinic you are interested in, please contact the name for the
specific course. 

Click this link for a list of currently scheduled classes.