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July 2014

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Please note: registration for 2015, and all classes is now open! See the In Service Training page, or the New Referee Training page, for details on how to register in the new registration system. DO NOT USE WWW.USSOCCER.INFO!
It's been a very busy spring for everyone! While you have been working games and supporting soccer in NH, much has happened behind the scenes to improve and grow the referee program!
New this year, the SRC has created a Book Scholarship Program, awarded to 2 referees annually to help defer advanced education expenses.  The inaugural recipients of these awards are:
- Benjamin Thesing
- Paige Watkins
The following referees have successfully completed the upgrade process, pleae congratulate them on this achievement:
Kali Langevin, upgrade to state referee, grade 6
Hugo Britos, upgrade to referee grade 7
Troy Gerton, upgrade to referee grade 7
Paige Watkins, upgrade to referee grade 7
Please congratulate the following referees on being selected, and then representing the NH referee program at regional events!
Region1 ODP Tournament:  Kyle Averill, Michael Blackwell-Tompkins, Caleb Cole, Carson Dowling, Jonathan Taylor and Paige Watkins
Region 1 National Championship Series:  Michael Blackwell-Tompkins, Carson Dowling, Kali Langevin, Cullen Madden, Geoff Osborne, Jonathan Taylor, Paige Watkins
Region 1 Premeir League: Kali Langevin, Abby Van Note
Also please congratulate Paige Watkins. After having a terrific year last year and receiving NH Female Youth Referee of the Year, Paige was selected to represent Region 1 at the ODP National Tournament.
Much off the field is happening as well. We have a new registration system for 2015 which will simplify and streamline registration and payment and attendance at annual training.  
US Soccer has also redefined the referee grade system and the NH SRC has been working to evolve the NH grade, requirements and standards to stay aligned with US soccer as well as best serve the game in NH.  Please see the new Requirements pages for details.  As always, if you have any questions please contact an SRC member or your area rep, contacts for all are on the Contact Us page