Find an Assignor

NH SRC certifies assignors as USSF Referee Assignors.  These assignors then create a working relationship directly with the leagues around the state.  In order to receive assignments, it is the referees responsibility to contact the relevant assignor.
The games assigned by the NH SYRA are:

  • NH Presidents Cup (Spring - experience of 3+ years or by invitation)
  • NH State Cup (Spring - experience of 3+ years or by invitation)
  • NH Youth Open Cup (Spring - experience of 3+ years or by invitation)
  • North Atlantic Youth Soccer Association League (Spring and Fall - Regional experience or by invitation)
  • Kohl's Cup (Fall)
  • NE Soccer Invitational Championships (by invitation only)
  • U10 Soccer Festival (Fall)
For assignment to any of the above games, please contact the SYRA.
For all other NH leagues, please contact the league directly, or the assignor below:
Youth Leagues:
  • MAPLE (NH Games only): Fil Faria
  • New England Premiership (NEP - NH Games only): Fil Faria
  • New Hampshire Soccer League: Assignor
  • Region 1 Eastern Regional League (by invitation only): Kevin Coeyman
Adult Leagues:
Many towns schedule their own referees, using USSF referees, please contact the town program directly for information, a list of registered programs and town leagues can be found at the NHSA Links Page
Futsal in NH (Futsal Referee Certification required)

Indoor Soccer: