Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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When do I have to submit a USSF game report, and to who?
I want to become a soccer referee, what do I need to do?
Should I take a grade 8 or grade 9 referee course?
How can I see what I got wrong on the online test?
How do I look up my USSF ID Number?
Q: When do I have to submit a USSF game report, and to who?
A: Copies of the USSF Game Report and USSF Supplemental Game report can be down loaded from the US Soccer site, or from the resources page on this site.  As a USSF referee, you are required to fill out and submit the relevant form whenever you have any of the following incidents in one of your games:
  • A send off and red card
  • A caution and a yellow card
  • A serious Injury
  • Dismissal of a coach or other team official
  • Any other incident that should be brought to the attention of the SRA involving the game, teams, team officials or referee team.
The completed form must be submitted, via email, to the SRA ( email here ), and the relevant league assignor for the league.
In all reports clearly state the facts associated with the incident. If you have any questions, contact the SRA, SYRA or SDI for assistence in filling out the proper forms.
Q: I want to become a soccer referee, what do I need to do?
A: NH Soccer certifies and trains United States Soccer Federation Referees (USSoccer). One certified a USSoccer referee is eligible to referee any USSoccer affiliated game!  Almost all leagues outside of high school and college are USSoccer leagues, examples here in NH include: NEP, NHSL, NNESL, Open Cup, Presidents Cup etc. Basically almost all youth soccer!
To become a USSoccer referee, the typical entry level is "grade 8". The grade has nothing to do with a referees age nor schooling, it is a ranking system USSoccer uses, the lower the grade number, the higher the referee level (and more training and testing required!), for example, Most referees in NH are grade 8. NH also includes grade 7's and a handfull of grade 6 and grade 5 USSF referees. The referees you see on TV doing MLS are primarily grade 1,2,3.
To become a grade 8 referee, you must be 12 years old at the time of the class and attend a grade 8 class at current class cost. A list of classes can be found on the training page, pass an exam and pay the annual certification fee.
Once complete your registration is done and your name is made available to USSoccer certified referee assignors to assignment to games!
Q: Should I take a grade 8 or grade 9 referee course?
A: NH no longer teaches the grade 9 course. We certify all referees as "grade 8" for all youth soccer, part of this certification is "small sided games" which is the majority of the former grade 9 course.  


Q: How can I see what I got wrong on the online test?
A:  You are able to see the questions you got wrong on a test (either Entry Level or IST).  Reviewing wrong answers can hopefully help you do better on subsequent attempts.  Note that questions come from a bank, so additional test attempts may have different questions and/or a different order.  However, reviewing wrong questions is still a good habit.  Below are the steps to see the questions you got wrong:
  • Make sure logged into your NH Game Officials Account with the “NH Referees” identity 
  • Click on “Confirmed Reg” 
  • Make sure it is the course for which you are taking, otherwise click the appropriate course 
  • Click “Load Session Tracker” 
  • Click session you want to review 
  • Click “Review” for the attempt you want to review 
  • Click “Missed” at the top to get a list of the slides you got incorrect 
  • Click a slide to review your answer and the correct answer 

Q: What happens if I use up all the attempts for on online test?
A:  If you use up the 5 attempts allotted to pass an Entry Level or IST test, you should contact the instructor for that course.  The instructor has the ability to give you more attempts.  Up to three more attempts will be given prior to the class.  If one still does not pass, the referee should still attend the class and contact the instructor for additional attempts.  It is recommended that referee's in this situation retry the exam as soon as possible after the class so the material is fresh.  If one still has not passed the exam 3 days after the class, the referee should contact the SDI for assistance in getting more attempts.
Q: How do I get my badge if I was unable to receive it at an Entry Level course or IST session?
A:  If you have not completed all the requirements to receive a badge (including passing the online tests) prior to attending an Entry Level class or IST session, you should still attend.  You can finish the online portion after the class.  However, you will not receive a badge nor be certified until all requirements are complete.  After you pass the online tests, complete this Badge Request Form, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below:
            NH State Referee Committee
            ATTN: John Breda, SDI
            497 Hooksett Rd, #136
            Manchester, NH 03104
Note that it may take up to 6-8 weeks to receive your badge as the mailbox is not regularly checked.  The SRC is not responsible for misaddressed envelopes that badges are sent out in.  

Q: How can I change classes?

If a class is canceled or your availability to attend a class changes, you can easily switch which class you are registered for (provided the one you want to switch into is not full).  Follow these instructions:
  • Log into
  • Go to “Confirmed Reg” and unregister from the class or IST 
  • Go back to “Classes” then click “Referee Classes” and either “Annual In Service Training” to pick another IST or "Entry Level Classes" to pick another entry level class (this is the process you used to originally sign up for the class). 
It is very important you unregister from the current class before signing up for a new class. Any online course work should automatically be transferred over as well.  You should not be asked to pay any additional money in switching your sessions. If you run into a step that asks for money or payment, please stop and contact the SDI.

Q: How do I get assigned games?
A: The majority of soccer games in NH are assigned by assignors who have built a relationship with the leagues. The assignments, in general, are not done by NHSA or the SRC. For details on leagues and the assignors to contact, please refer to the Find An Assignor page on this web site.
Q: Is there a fee for in service training?
A: There is no fee per class for in service training. In service training is required annually for all recertifying referees. Your annual registration fee is all that is needed!
Q: What is the re-registration process?
A: Annual re-registration for grade 8 referees is two parts. First register for the upcoming year on NH Referee GameOfficials website. Second complete the required online training and test(s).  Third attend one of the 2 hour IST sessions. Grade 5,6,7 referees must also attend the annual advanced training. Grade 5,6 referees must also obtain a maintenance assessment and meet the fitness requirements.
Q: As a USSF referee, how do I keep up to date on recent decisions and interpretations?
A: All USSF referees are expected to keep up to date on the latest decisions, positions and changes to the LOTG. USSF documents these papers on the site or
Q: I am a USSoccer Certified referee. Do I need additonal training to officiate a  futsal match?
A: Yes, futsal is an exciting version of indoor soccer, the rules are very different from outdoor soccer and USSoccer requires a different certification. You must take the futsal class, pay a futsal registration fee and you will receive a futsal badge.
Q: I lost my USSoccer referee badge, how can I get a replacement?
A: NH SRC gets an allotment of badges for the current year, enough for one referee and some for entry level classes, we do not dependably, have enough badges to replace a lost badge.  The best way to replace a lost badge, or get additional badges is directly from US Soccer, linked here

Q: How do I look up my USSoccer ID Number?
A: You can get your USSoccer ID Number by doing the following:
            1) Click on 'My Info' on your Game Officials homepage.
            2) Click on 'Contact Info'.  Your ID number will be shown near the bottom of this area.
If you just took an Entry Level class to get certified as a referee, it may take several months for the national office to assign and appear.  You are still eligible to referee wthout an assigned ID number; it should not be a requirement to receive assignments as assignors are able to verify your certification through a portal on the website.