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Click here to get updated Laws of the Game by the IFAB.

Please see the find an assignor page to contact assignors.

The summer training sessions are complete.  Training, both for new and re-certifying referees will restart in Nov/Dec.  If you are a re-certifying referee and did not attend a summer IST, understand that there are some significant changes this year that will be in place for leagues in the fall.  You should click the link above to get the changes as many leagues are implementing them.  Click here to access instructions on how to sign up for an IST.

Please remember: game reports!  For any injury, discipline action or other league specified reasons, you must fill out a game report and send it to your league assignor and the SRA!

Once again the assessors will be visiting some games to provide feedback and help us all grow as referees.  They are there to help us grow, please make use of their feedback!

Registration system is here please make sure your contact information is up to date so your SRC can reach you!  Additionally more and more leagues are also using this system to do game assignments, a "one stop shop" for all your referee needs, but it does require you maintain your contact information so assignors and the SRC can reach you!